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When IT managers in companies today “order their house” skillfully and holistically, basically it’s all about four bricks – and the right knack. Sort of like the classic computer game Tetris. Digitization, connectivity, infrastructure and security need to fit together perfectly. 


The T-Systems webinar explains how to use the UDC expert tool for seamless integration of bill of materials and production data in the context of SAP.


T-Systems is now speeding up towards a mobile future: Since March, the ICT provider has been participating in the Startup Autobahn, Europe's largest innovation platform.


At DSAG 2019 in Nuremberg, successful companies from all industries will gather to talk about digital progress.


Deutsche Bahn optimizes train journeys with real-time information – Big data forecasts are used for all long-distance trains.

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The ISG provider Lens™ Report "Network - Software Defined Solutions and Services" names T-Systems as global leader in three categories.


Smart SD-WAN makes it easy for companies to turn their existing WAN into a virtual network without having to change network providers.

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Connected cars - Find out how 5G advances the services in your car.

As one of the leading ICT service providers worldwide, T-Systems offers its enterprise customers integrated solutions for landline and mobile as well as highly secure data centers and a unique cloud eco-system.

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Are SD WAN services the solution for future WAN requirements?

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Blockchain is currently one of the most talked-about trends in IT, but will the technology prove its worth in the business reality check?

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Digital administration will be further promoted by the establishment of e-government services and modern infrastructure - this will benefit the interaction with citizens.


At the BME Practical Forum SRM Migration 2025 - SAP S/4HANA®, partners from the industry will partake in key note speeches, interactive round tables and workshops.

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A glacial region in Iceland melts in just a few seconds: The big data example project called EarthTime shows in fast motion how the earth’s climate is changing.