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Video conferencing systems are in vogue: institutes and companies save time and replace costly business trips. The savings potential is huge. Find out more
With UCC Cloud powered by Cisco Webex, T-Systems offers a collaboration service, which covers all important features – from messaging to video and web conferences to telephone services. Find out more
13-14 March, 2019: At the Cyber Security Tech Summit, leaders from economy, politics and society will discuss main trends and challenges of digital securty. Find out more
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Digital Twin
When you get down to it, the concept of a digital twin is relatively simple. The advantage of a one-to-one virtual representation of a product that reflects its here and now is largely undisputed. But what about when we successively create complete virtual representations of people? The vast majority of us would like to be consulted, at least. An examination of what people can do today and what they will soon be able to do.
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As a global leader among ICT service providers, T-Systems offers business customers integrated solutions for fixed and mobile networks, highly secure data centers, and a unique cloud ecosystem made up of standardized platforms and global partnerships. The portfolio includes not only classic ICT, but above all digital transformation services, and appropriate infrastructure, platforms, and software from the cloud, as well as crucial future areas such as big data, the Internet of Things, M2M, and Industry 4.0 – always based on maximum ICT security.
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