Nurse Doctor explaining patient care plan on digital tablet

Care 4.0: experience the future today

How digital transformation is making it easier for the healthcare industry to deliver patient-centric care

The path towards digital healthcare

Smart care beds, medication management, and remote monitoring: the digital transformation of care facilities is well underway. However, rising costs, shortage of skilled workers, and data protection concerns are slowing down the process. Nevertheless, it offers the opportunity to improve the quality of services and promote patient-centered care through digital technologies – with the right partner.

More participation in a smart and secure way

The digitalization of healthcare facilities including  pharmacies, physiotherapy, and midwifery practices is  of great importance. It enables more efficient management of patient data and appointments, ensures data privacy, and promotes collaboration between different healthcare providers. It also strengthens patient engagement by facilitating access to medical health records. Thus, leading to better healthcare and cost efficiency.


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Our law: key focus on integrity and confidentiality

Legislators are planning to tighten security requirements in the healthcare and nursing sectors by setting up a Digital Advisory Board at gematik. This board will consist of representatives from various areas, including the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The move emphasizes the growing importance of data security in the healthcare industry as the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches increase . The integrity and confidentiality of sensitive patient medical data are essential when it comes to maintaining patient trust.

Together for Care 4.0

T-Systems offers comprehensive support for the digital transformation in all care facilities – from outpatient to inpatient services. This includes digital consulting services to develop transformation strategies, providing digital infrastructure and secure Cloud Services, and leveraging AI and data analytics tools to gain valuable insights from patient's health data. These measures support  healthcare facilities in the efficient introduction of digital solutions, to relieve caregivers, and to improve the quality of care.

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