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Empower a digital workplace with intelligent automation

Elevate productivity and efficiency with digital workplaces

Harnessing the potential of automation for employees and employers

Satisfied employees are more productive. Studies have found a positive link between happiness and productivity, proving that happiness can increase productivity by an average of 12 to 13 percent. By adopting intelligent automation tools, employers can relieve their teams of repetitive tasks so they can focus on more rewarding activities. Moreover, automation tools help counteract the skills shortage.

An intelligent automation toolbox for new work

Intelligent automation is a combination of robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent robotic process automation (iRPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) that can automate and optimize various tasks. Such tools deliver many benefits, including speed and cost savings, enhancing visibility and transparency, identifying trends, and suggesting improvements. They also eliminate human errors in several ways. Automation handles repetitive tasks precisely, and building validation into workflow processes ensures consistent outputs.

Flip book: Automation solutions and advice

Whether you are just starting your intelligent automation journey or have hit a roadblock and need help with the next steps, we have the solutions and capabilities to support you. Read our white paper to know how we can support you here!


Ready for intelligent automation?

We can advise you on intelligent automation use cases, equip you with the latest software, and share best practices so you can enjoy a fully digital workplace. Our specialists are ready to take your call. 

Future-proof services

Are your services future-proof? At T-Systems, we explore the concept of automation, bridging the gap between understanding and implementation. We delve into service automation, which automates traditionally manual client-facing functions, from providing information and quotes to invoicing and processing customer feedback. Our guide addresses the key steps, the top five automation action areas, tangible benefits, and how it enhances both employee and customer experiences. 

Human-centric workplaces

How can organizations embrace new working models in response to modern demands? Do leaders need to think differently? At T-Systems, we help you navigate the evolving workplace journey, from the pandemic's impact to the present and future. We guide you in establishing the best human and digital foundations, addressing challenges like information management, innovations in training and learning, and cybersecurity. Reach out to us to discover how you can create a human-centric workplace that thrives in the modern world.

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