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Customer experience is the new differentiator

Digitally enabled customer journeys and refined solutions are the new battlegrounds for automakers

Customer centricity challenge for OEM service providers

Research shows that 80% customers are ready to switch brands, dealerships, and service providers for better experience. Therefore, companies must have the resources to integrate digital experience connected to all aspects of customer touchpoints. Using primary and secondary data to rethink the offerings, change operational and business models with customers at the center.

Service experience is more influential than purchase experience in decisions


of current value is dominated by the car’s software and digital content¹


of potential buyers will simply abandon the brand if experience does not measure up²


Customers value experience 3X more than then vehicle design in purchase decision³


of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience⁴

Digital technologies to gain decisive competitive advantage

Digital customer experience touchpoints and interactions are fast replacing the older traditional interactions. Mega trends in the automotive industry, shared mobility, autonomous driving, car leasing without ownership, etc. are forcing the OEMs to create new business models giving rise to challenges like:

  • Building omnichannel experience
  • Personalization of services
  • Implement new business models
  • Data privacy and security 
  • Sustainability and reducing carbon footprint

Adapting digital technologies can enable OEMs, dealerships, and all stakeholders in the supply chain with a decisive competitive advantage.

Solution Approach - Innovative service-oriented solutions for business problem

Infographic Customer Experience

OEMs, dealerships, and service providers need seamless interlocking systems with digitalized workflows to enhance their own productivity and deliver great customer service experiences. They need solutions that can give 360° view of customer with ability to integrate all customer touchpoints to create memorable brand experience, digitally enabled sales and service experience. T-Systems offers a solution stack to meet all these requirements and more with - 

  • Business Cockpit
  • Matchmaker
  • Virtual Sales Room
  • Automotive Retail Solutions
  • Sales Portals
  • Customer Apps

Transform your customer experience with our solutions

Solution suite to deliver better automotive customer experience across the value chain

New standards in product development with VaudisX

Together with partners from the VW dealer environment, T-Systems is currently investing in the successor system to Vaudis and in doing so is setting new standards in product development. In close collaboration with retailers, VaudisX is being gradually developed in design workshops. The design of the interfaces, features, and user interfaces are all discussed with the customer. With VaudisX T-Systems is offering VW retailers a continuous DMS with an intuitive web user interface as well as open interfaces. The lean core of VaudisX can be expanded with market and brand-specific systems. To this end, VaudisX offers a completely new interface architecture for quickly connecting with existing or new systems. This includes a tablet-based chat in which a customer service adviser determines and documents the condition of the customer's vehicle directly at the lifting platform.

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