Virtuelles Auto vor blau-lilafarbener Datenlandschaft

Digitalize automotive with Catena-X

Win the race: T-Systems enables the automotive industry to unlock the potential of end-to-end sovereign data chains

Catena-X: The first collaborative, open data ecosystem for the automotive industry

Based on European principles of Gaia-X and IDSA (International Data Spaces Association), Catena-X empowers the automotive industry to harness the hidden business value by building end-to-end data chains throughout the automotive value chain. Catena-X orchestrates an environment in which manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, recyclers, business application developers, and platform & infrastructure providers participate equally to create a uniform standard for data sharing along the entire automotive value chain.

How to improve efficiency by information standardization and data availability

Catena-X uses existing Gaia-X architecture to address the challenges in automotive industry such as, supply chain resiliency, compliance, sustainability, and regulatory needs. Existing point-to-point networks do not capture the entire value chain which is essential for developing collaboration models. With Catena-X, companies can easily connect to novel business applications to become compliant, close information gaps and foster innovation. The flexibility offered to partners to develop and distribute solutions, apps, and data-driven business models, and monetize data lays the trustworthy architecture for the future of data economy.

Winning with dataspaces like Catena-X; from Big Data to better data

How to get connected with dataspaces with sovereignty protection and build novel data products and power disruptive super apps.

Get connected to Catena-X with T-Systems’ advisory and technical solutions

T-Systems’ industry knowledge and technical expertise enable us to provide 360° services and products for Catena-X. We carefully take into consideration your data journey and offer advisory workshops for “Catena-X Strategy & Concept” via our consulting partner, Detecon.

With our extensive experience in IT-system integration we help your system landscapes to get connected to Catena-X. As a pioneer in data space technology, we help companies to build their own data spaces to simplify data transfer and make data ready for Catena-X with full sovereignty protection.

Custom offerings for different types of requirements

Schematische Darstellung des Catena-X-Angebots

A work result of the Catena-X Automotive Network consortium project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection. Funding reference: 13IK004*

Source: https://catena-x.net/de/catena-x-einfuehren-umsetzen/einfuehrung-von-catena-x  

 With T-Systems’ & Detecon’s data sovereignty offering portfolio, companies of any size can find themselves to:

  • Be prepared: Use self-assessments, strategy consulting and roadmap definition to unleash the full potential of a Catena-X membership.
  • Get connected: Connect via easy, automated setup in minutes with customized bundles for Catena-X (Connect Choice). Furthermore, integrate your existing company IT landscapes & processes with Catena-X (e. g. via plug-and-play adapters, ETL services, and semantic integration).
  • Build & orchestrate: Build your own data spaces, interconnect with other data spaces and expand your data ecosystems to support your business via Catena-X value-added services with Data Intelligence Hub.

See how it can work for you!

Find out how you can leverage the power of Catena-X network to extract better value of data across the whole automotive value chain.

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