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Clever in the cloud

With its cloud solutions, T-Systems is building the digital infrastructure of the future

Data future in the cloud

Data is increasingly being stored on the internet. In the future, data centers and server farms will process more data than local devices. So it’s high time to build your own IT infrastructure, based on cloud services. The cloud is flexible, scalable, and saves costs. Whether public, private, or hybrid – T-Systems designs, transforms, and operates a wide variety of cloud solutions for every need. Our successful references prove it works.

Booklet: Agile customer projects during Covid-19

T-Systems has achieved these together with its customers within the  shortest possible time.

Analyzing data on virtual screen

Accounting from the cloud

Why software manufacturer Diamant Software now operates its AI-supported accounting solution in the Open Telekom Cloud.
Berlin - Reichstag building/German parliament on the Spree river at dusk.

Off into the world of containers

Federal company accelerates software development with Future Cloud Infrastructure and cloud containers.
MRI images of the brain on a dark blue and purple background.

Combating strokes with the cloud

The company, apoplex medical technologies, offers diagnostic software from the Telekom Healthcare Cloud.
Hand with chatbot symbol

AI chatbot for an optimal customer experience

Simple questions are answered automatically and quickly by the e-bot7 chatbot thanks to secure resources from the Open Telekom Cloud.
Holographic projection model of a car concept

Mercedes-Benz: Master of Test Data

Mercedes-Benz accelerates the evaluation of test drives using Data-as-a-Service.
Oil refinery and petrochemical plant at sunrise

Foundation for multi-cloud use

T-Systems is developing a state-of-the-art AWS Landing Zone for a chemical group as part of an agile project.
Three people in a laboratory are wearing white gowns. Blurry image of a microscope can be made out.

Continuously processing the images in a clinical study

The German Heart Center Berlin (DHZB) – How TrialComplete simply and securely creates the data exchange.
Abstract cloud formation

Implementation of a GRC Cloud solution for Wienerberger

The integration of various areas such as information security, risk management and data protection makes it possible to take advantage of synergies.

BKW Group accelerates digital transformation with SAP

Highest performance and maximum high availability for critical infrastructures.
Blick von unten auf die Rheinkniebrücke in Düsseldorf bei Nacht

IT.NRW: new system architecture

IT.NRW reduces annual operating costs by 5 million euros thanks to process optimization by T-Systems and the implementation of SAP S/4HANA®
Technician with tablet control with large format printer

Data analytics for digital business

How the Haufe Group exploits its data treasures to develop the business in a targeted manner.
Connected cars driving along a highway

Connected car services from the cloud

OEM achieves success with global automotive Platform-as-a-Service from AWS.
Chemical industry site by night

IT carve-out realised quickly and securely

End-to-end consulting & support for IT infrastructure carve-out in the chemical industry carried out by T-Systems and Detecon.
Close up of blue fiberglass

Fast Internet for millions of households

How the Fiber Factory accelerating fiber optic expansion with flexible and secure resources from the Open Telekom Cloud.
View over Budapest

Reaching the next service level with ServiceNow®

With a new asset management system based on ServiceNow, T-Systems Hungary’s service processes are gaining in transparency and speed.
Colleagues having a discussion in front of a monitor.

Open Telekom Cloud: Power for intelligent data analyses

Manage business more effectively with user-friendly analysis software and secure services from the Open Telekom Cloud
Chemical factory at dusk

35,000 cloud workstations in 5 days

T-Systems implements remote workstations for 35,000 employees of an international chemicals group within five days.
Laboratory assistant

Cosmetics manufacturer: legally binding nature of the approval process

DocuSign ensures a smooth and reliable signature process in the approval of cosmetic products.
A doctor stands in a hospital hallway typing on a tablet.

The hospital from the public cloud

Indonesian hospital group Mitra Keluarga migrating its IT to AWS with help from T-Systems.
Autos auf mehrspurigen Straßen sind über ein virtuelles Netzwerk verbunden.

SEG Automotive: “Cloud first”

The duo Salesforce and T-Systems was the first choice for SEG Automotive in the carve-out of Bosch for two sub-projects.
Zahlreiche Passanten laufen über einen Platz mit hellen Linien

Continental relies on the hybrid cloud

Continental is entering the hybrid cloud with T-Systems, thereby increasing its innovative strength.
Fractal Art, repeating forms

Mundi Web Services provides access to satellite data

On behalf of the European Commission and the European Space Agency, Mundi Web Services is providing access to European satellite data to create new business models.
A woman dressed in black passes a kiosk, in which several customers are present.

Valora: New business models through the private cloud

The private cloud serves as a solid foundation for shopping and the customer experience.
Round window within a modern building complex

Concardis: digital sales and service

The leading full-service payment service provider relies on security “made in Germany”.
Motorway junction at night from above with many lights

Globally connected vehicles

T-Systems and Daimler are driving digitalization in the automotive industry with the COMAND Online multimedia system.
A virtual globe floats between the hands of a business man.

New impetus for sales

ECKART relies on Salesforce for an integrated market presence and sales success.
A woman in a blue hospital uniform holds a tablet in her hand, with various icons circulating on it.

Better research into COVID-19 infection with the public cloud

How anonymized data from COVID-19 patients can be shared securely for research purposes using the Open Telekom Cloud.
Silhouettes of business people standing together in a group.

How the Cloud Protects Employees

Setting up a Threat Management Assistant (TMA) System according to AWS best practices.
A stack of coins, in the foreground a bar chart.

EUVIC and T-Systems bring Landesbank Saar into the cloud

How EUVIC meets the security and privacy requirements of the financial industry in the public cloud.
Icons of a cloud and different devices.

From the legacy world to the cloud

T-Systems supported a logistics company as managed service provider.
Oil refinery and petrochemical plant at sunrise

Foundation for multi-cloud use

T-Systems is developing a state-of-the-art AWS Landing Zone for a chemical group as part of an agile project.

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Doctor and girl look at a tablet in a hospital room

IT solution with a heart

Hannover Medical School trusts TrialComplete for its clinical studies.
assistant smart speaker

Telekom: Multilingual with Magenta Smart Speaker

Deutsche Telekom trusts in T-Systems and a DevOps approach for stable and agile operation of the Magenta Speaker.
Hand holds virtual health symbols

Patient service in focus

Ostseeklinik optimizes patient service with the introduction of REHA.Complete.
Pixel clouds connected with light rays in front of foggy city scenery

A solution for remote work in just two weeks

For an internationally operating consumer goods enterprise, T-Systems developed a solution based on public cloud services.
Man looks through VR glasses; the background is dark and colorful neon sparks can be seen everywhere

How we enable virtual workshops in a 3D world

T-Systems offers its customers interactive workshops in the virtual world. The Open Telekom Cloud is used as the basis for this.
Several people sit on chairs and look at laptops and tablets.

GASAG Group: HR-Management from the cloud

The GASAG Group uses the SAP Success Factors cloud platform for efficient recruiting and learning management.
Virtual representation of a cloud, surrounded by binary codes.

Aethra: Migration to Microsoft Azure

Through the migration to Microsoft Azure, Aethra has lowered its operating costs by 60 percent and improved its performance by 30 percent.
A woman in blue hospital clothes holds a tablet in her hand over which various icons are circling.

Fuse-AI: e-health from the cloud

Fuse-AI facilitates medical diagnoses using artificial intelligence from the Open Telekom Cloud.
Hand taps Smarphone over which currency symbols hover.

Particulate Solutions GmbH

With Particulate's donation platforms, companies can support social projects of their choice with so-called SocialCoins.
Skyline in the background, foreground lines connecting icons like cloud, castle or cog wheel.

Set up a hotspot easily with Fontech

Set up a Wi-Fi hotspot without any IT knowledge: Fontech makes it possible – with the help of the Open Telekom Cloud.
Seitliche Ansicht eines weiblichen Gesichts, Im Vordergrund virtuelle Darstellungen von Interface-Bildschirmen.

platform3l turns employees into digital strategy consultants

platform3l makes companies fit for the digital future. The IT resources required come from the Open Telekom Cloud.
Virtual graphics of blue arrows with lines in between.

Xelera: Middleware ignites the application turbo

Xelera makes enterprise applications up to 100 times faster and uses FPGA flavors from the Open Telekom Cloud.
A virtual representation of interconnected people hovers above an outstretched hand.

DATAlovers AG: Winning customers with AI

Customer acquisition with the Open Telekom Cloud: this is what the artificial intelligence of DATAlovers AG offers.
A hand draws diagrams on a virtual interface screen.

brodos.net: Improving growth with the cloud

Expand IT with flexibly scalable resources: brodos.net has succeeded in doing this, with the Open Telekom Cloud.
A film camera against a blue background.

UFA opts for the Open Telekom Cloud

Film production is becoming increasingly digitized: UFA integrates the cloud into its filming data process.
A virtual graphic of the cloud, from which lines depart on a world map.

Becoming a digital city with Park and Joy

Park and Joy plays a key role for the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in its “Verkehr 4.0” (Traffic 4.0) strategy.
A female and a male steelworker look at a foundry plant.

BR Matozinhos from Brazil: SAP landscape migration to AWS

How the foundry moved its SAP services to Amazon Web Services with minimal downtime.
Virtual depiction of a clock.

Data Center AWS

How to scale performance on demand using VMware Cloud on AWS.
A man with a tablet in his hands inspects a robot system in a modern factory building

Baumüller: Smart factory from the public cloud

A clever solution: Baumüller monitors machines from the Open Telekom Cloud with its own IoT platform.
Man sits in front of two computer screens on which a car can be seen taking a curve

Mercedes me: connected with the car

How Daimler's digital service platform enhances the driving experience and customer loyalty with T-Systems solutions.
Close-up of several large paper rolls in a room

Celulose Irani uses SAP S/4HANA as a foundation for IoT

Once Celulose Irani S.A. took the decision to tackle the digital transformation, it quickly became clear that the ideal basis for this was offered by SAP® S/4HANA.
A woman is standing on a bus next to a contactless ticket machine, looking at her smartphone.

Cloud billing for automated clearing in public transport

How T-Systems and VDV eTicket Service use the Open Telekom Cloud to simplify travel between regions.
Beekeeper in protective clothing working on a beehive amidst a meadow

Digital beehive in the cloud

A monitoring sensor system in the beehive detects diseases in the bee colony at an early stage. How IoT and cloud technology promote species protection.
Factory worker scans goods and checks on tablet

Success story of Zuellig Pharma – behind the scenes

Zuellig Pharma now has the biggest SAP HANA® installation on a public cloud in Southeast Asia – with 1 million SAPS and more than 10,000 users.
Film camera

Scalable Google Cloud for ARD audio and media library

This is how T-Systems Multimedia Solutions and ARD have created a flexible and scalable basis for on-demand offerings.

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