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Reaching the next service level with ServiceNow®

T-Systems Hungary replaces legacy asset management system

Customer benefits

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With the new configuration, T-Systems Hungary is once again in a position to manage its service processes efficiently. The central database has created a “single point of truth” for all service personnel and project workers. It allows employees and all connected partner systems to access the information they require in each case. The practice of logging into multiple systems is now a thing of the past; data transfer is controlled via automated processes. The system delivers not only efficiency gains, but an entirely new user experience thanks to its contemporary, easy-to-use portal. 

Whereas the legacy asset management tool took hours to roll out new systems, this is now accomplished in a matter of seconds. That has sped up work processes decisively. What is more, the monitoring and reporting functions have reached an entirely new level. Service employees can view the status of service orders at any time and obtain up-to-date information on active system components. This is also valid for the warehouses: Substitution of broken devices or delivery of new IT components now is sustainably accelerated. This enhanced transparency and higher data quality make processes even more efficient. Advantages like these are felt in full in terms of the service offered, enhancing customer satisfaction and helping T-Systems Hungary confirm its status as a leader in its home market.

Further advantages:

  • High performance
  • Easily expandable
  • Basis for further digitalization projects

The new kind of asset management offered by ServiceNow speeds up our service processes and makes them more transparent.

Ákos Adravetz, Project Manager, T-Systems

The challenge

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The existing asset management system was custom-built and originally conceived for the very early days of the company’s business operations. But as business grew continually, the system began reaching its limits. Once managed assets passed the one-million mark, service employees and project managers found they were dealing with a mind-numbingly slow system. On top of that, more and more errors occurred, which had to be rectified manually after time-consuming research in other systems. All this extra work had an enormous impact on service process efficiency. As T-Systems had already rolled out ServiceNow for ticketing in 2016 and was pleased with its performance, those responsible decided to deploy the tool to optimize asset management as well.

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The solution

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When implementing ServiceNow, the T-Systems team in Hungary opted for the public-cloud variant. The system can manage not only customer assets, but also in-house components. Implementing the asset management tool was anything but trivial. In order to correctly map the service processes, the company’s own developers needed to make extensive adaptations to the system. For instance, authorization and signing processes – e.g., for purchase and service orders – had to be configured to ensure they were legally watertight. 

But as the scope of services provided encompasses systems other than just ServiceNow (e.g., SAP systems running internally at Deutsche Telekom), allowance had to be made for their connection. After implementation was completed, the data in the legacy system was migrated to the central ServiceNow® database, from where it is made available to all the connected systems. During the project a module for warehouse management was developed as well. This module supports internal personnel and external partners with administration, asset tracking and inventory management.

About T-Systems Hungary

T-Systems Hungary is a leader in its domestic ICT market. Its unique, comprehensive portfolio of IT and telecommunications services makes it a strategic transformation partner for its customers. A wholly owned subsidiary of Magyar Telekom, it serves over 10,000 customers of different sizes and from an array of industries. The company manages more than one million assets – not just PCs and laptops, but also routers, etc. The ICT provider’s business operations call for efficient tools – also for its asset management activities, which are a key component of its service portfolio. The company rolled out the ServiceNow tool in order to future-proof its corporate set-up.

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