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The future is now: Revolutionizing retail and logistics with green solutions and innovative technology

Sustainability goals for retail and logistics – the path to a low carbon future

Germany has the target of reducing 543 million tons of CO2 by 2030. Future ready leaders know that reduction of carbon emissions also impacts the profitability of logistics providers in retail industry. Compliance to sustainability goals can be achieved by embracing digital solutions targeted towards achieving transparency in supply chains, reduce emissions, and provide data analysis for better decisions. 

Embracing sustainability brings new era for retail

Sustainability in retail and logistics is not limited to policies and ethics discussions. It has a huge economic impact. Initiatives like low carbon mobility management, advanced energy management for stores, and efficient EV charging, the sector is adopting eco-friendly practices. These changes not only contribute to a healthier planet but also offer long-term cost savings and enhanced customer experiences.

White paper: Sustainable logistics

Find out the challenges on the way to green transport logistics and learn how innovative technologies can help resolve them.


Become sustainable now

Contact us to find out how to achieve your sustainability goals and get compliant with the mandated environmental regulations.

Remain compliant with Supply Chain Transparency Suite

Supply Chain Transparency Suite is an in-house out-of-the-box solution developed by T-Systems, based on ServiceNow. It helps you to assess supply chains from direct as well as indirect suppliers and compile the data for the report to BAFA (Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control). The suite enables our clients to remain compliant with German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) mandated from January 2023. The data is combined and analyzed to not only fulfil legal obligations but also to create time to optimize supply chains in terms of human rights.

Low carbon mobility management for stores

Low carbon mobility management in an innovative strategy that focuses on reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation and logistics in an eco-conscious market. This approach encompasses a range of practices, from utilizing electric vehicles (EVs) for deliveries to optimizing delivery routes for fuel efficiency. Additionally, integrating digital tools for real-time tracking and data analysis enables stores to make informed decisions that balance efficiency with environmental responsibility.

Energy management in retail stores as a business practice

Energy management in retail stores is a crucial component of modern, sustainable business practices. This approach focuses on optimizing energy usage to reduce costs and minimize environmental impact. By implementing advanced energy management systems, retail stores can monitor and control their energy consumption more effectively. Embracing energy management not only aligns with global environmental targets but also enhances the store’s market competitiveness by reducing overheads and appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

Ambika platform for managing electrical charging infrastructure

Electrical charging is a key factor in reducing carbon emission and drive sustainability. T-Systems is at the forefront of retail sustainability, offering innovative solutions like Ambika for effective EV charging management. Ambika is ready-to-use, end-to-end EV charging station management system for quick and easy station rollout and maintenance. It offers interconnection of various proprietary, market leading tools along with integration for automated data exchange.

More efficiency and sustainability in logistics with digitalization and IoT

In Germany, the target by 2030 is a reduction of 543 million tons of CO2. Transportation is one of the most important areas where this reduction will have to happen. For businesses there are now multiple reasons to turn to sustainability. T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom’s IoT team are here to help businesses achieve their individual targets with digital solutions. In this video listen to our experts’ opinions and brief about our solutions and offerings.

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