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Quantum as a Service

T-Systems makes quantum infrastructure accessible with flexible usage models from the cloud – secure and scalable

T-Systems paves the way to quantum services

Quantum computing is changing how companies will be able to solve problems and drive innovation in the future. By taking a new approach to computing, the technology promises breakthroughs in areas such as cryptography, materials science, and optimization. However, the path to utilization is fraught with challenges for companies. T-Systems lowers the barriers to entry with flexible usage models, infrastructure access, and expert knowledge.

Strong partners for quantum applications

T-Systems offers customers access to various technologies (classical computing, hybrid computing, and quantum computing), for example from IBM, IQM, and AQT. This allows the companies to use different architectures and computing paradigms individually for their specific problems. Our partnerships with leading companies in the field of quantum computing enable us to offer our customers a broader ecosystem and access to pioneering technology.

We also offer special know-how and training to support companies in the development and preparation of use cases. In collaboration with our partners, we aim to build a sovereign European quantum infrastructure and thus establish ourselves as a pioneer in the areas of consulting, cloud-based services, and digital solutions.

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Quantum as a Service

Quantum as a Service (QaaS) is an offering that combines the potential of quantum computing products, platforms, and solutions with the simplicity of cloud computing. It enables better uptime through proactive monitoring and expert analysis, provides predictable pricing, and enables a scalable basic subscription for storage capacity.

The benefits:

  • Reduction of operating costs as experts proactively manage the environment
  • Avoidance of unplanned investments using subscription models for the required capacity
  • Monitoring and security thanks to the T-Systems quantum cloud

A reliable partner for the future

Our quantum offer at a glance:

  • Certified IP and data security ensure that sensitive information is handled securely
  • The integration of multi-quantum computing hardware and multi-cloud enables a wide range of possible applications
  • The combination of quantum computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud, and high-performance computing offers a simple and financially attractive entry opportunity
  • We accompany our customers on their journey with quantum computing from the very beginning and strive to optimize resources such as time, energy, and costs in the long term
  • We offer industry-specific use cases and solutions that are geared towards sustainability.
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