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Public cloud – the steppingstone to digitalization

Drive speed, agility, and innovation using public cloud

The role of public cloud in business transformation

Public cloud offers businesses a wide range of cloud services and resources, such as virtual machines, storage, databases, and networking, as well as access to powerful analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. This can help businesses to better understand customer needs, optimize operations, and innovate faster to stay ahead of the competition.

Why consider public cloud

Public cloud has many advantages over traditional on-premises solutions. It is much more cost-effective, as businesses only pay for the resources they use, rather than having to commit to purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware. Additionally, public cloud solutions are more secure as the cloud provider handles the security of the system. Based on business objectives such as faster time to market, improved business processes, or enhanced customer experience, companies can decide which workloads they wish to migrate to cloud.

White paper: The art of migrating workloads to the cloud

Tips for your IT transformation - get the best out of AWS cloud.


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Charting your journey to public cloud

The key to unlocking successful public cloud migration lies in the effective implementation of the cloud strategy. It calls for a well-designed plan which considers, which data, applications, or infrastructure needs to be transferred to the cloud for the business to thrive. As a cloud technology partner, we follow a consultative approach to offer the optimal cloud solution based on your business requirements. With our managed services for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Open Telekom Cloud (OTC), we offer solutions that allow our clients to select the desired mix of cloud environments tailored to their needs.

Identify, assess, and migrate

In practice, many companies still have all kinds of legacy systems that cannot or should not automatically move to the public cloud. You need to think whether migration makes sense for your IT landscape. The answer may not always be public cloud, it could be a mix of private cloud and public cloud - a hybrid cloud environment. We are strong supporters of solutions that form a link between the current legacy systems and the public cloud in such situations.

Success stories

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