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Rapid onboarding on AWS for Telekom NatCos

T-Systems' consultancy reduces platform dependencies and digitalizes new projects for T-Mobile Czech and Slovak Telekom

Onboard to AWS and establish a landing zone

In line with Deutsche Telekom’s mission of becoming the leading digital Telco, all European Telekom NatCos (national entities of Telekom) pursue ambitious cloudification targets to accelerate projects and enable further innovations. To realize this ambition, T-Systems helped T-Mobile Czech and Slovak Telekom (TMCZ/ST) to swiftly move to AWS. As a base, the DT One Landing Zone for AWS was used; an approach for standardizing and accelerating the onboarding of different business organizations to AWS.

The challenges

  • Onboard onto AWS and establish a landing zone for accelerating projects, driving innovations, cloudification, IT landscape consolidation
  • The scope of work included the typical landing zone topics: Account Factory, Access Management, Network Integration, Security and Compliance, Cost Management

T-Systems’ consulting approach helped us to smoothly transition to AWS. Not just that, it also brought significant advantages by enabling us to retire old platforms, reduce dependencies, and support new projects in the cloud.

Peter Kusik, IT4IT&Infrastructure Tribe Lead, T-Mobile Czech and Slovak Telekom

The solutions

  • Used the Deutsche Telekom One Landing Zone for AWS as a base to standardize and accelerate the onboarding of different business organizations to AWS
  • Consultancy engagement focused on security, access, network, cost management
  • Supported Proof of Concept implementations for some applications. 
  • Conducted migration readiness assessment and several immersion days for the customer’s IT teams
  • After two months of engagement, a usable environment was ready, and after nine months, production readiness was achieved
  • T-Systems continues to support T-Mobile CZ/Slovak Telekom IT and application teams in making the best use of AWS

Customer benefits

  • Quick and smooth onboarding with easy access, comprehensive and environment-specific documentation, and training. These aspects play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth transition to AWS
  • Retirement of old platforms, reduction of dependencies, enablement of new projects in the cloud environment

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About T-Mobile Czech Republic and Slovak Telekom

T-Mobile is the largest operator in the Czech Republic, providing mobile services to 6.4 million customers. T-Mobile Czech Republic offers simple, appealing access to the most advanced communication services – mobile networks and fixed/fiber internet access, including TV services via IPTV or SAT TV. TMCZ is also a stable and strong partner of small and large companies, offering them state-of-the-art data centers and advanced solutions for secure and reliable data management.

Slovak Telekom has long been a leader in technological innovations on the Slovak telecommunication market. The company is the biggest provider of wired broadband internet through optical and metallic networks (FTTX, ADSL, VDSL). Slovak Telekom also provides digital television via the latest IPTV and DVB-S2 satellite technology. In the field of mobile communication, the company provides internet access using several technologies of high-speed data transmission - GPRS/EDGE, UMTS FDD/HSDPA/HSUPA, Flash-OFDM and LTE.

Slovak Telekom

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