Futuristic navigation app in an autonomous self-driving electric car

Accelerating towards software-defined vehicle

Expertise in the in-car services: a decisive factor in future competition. Are you ready?

Redefining mobility with software-defined vehicle

The automotive industry is experiencing a paradigm shift where software is taking the lead. Our mission is to empower OEMs to unlock the complete potential of software-defined vehicles. It is determined by three critical aspects: distinguishing through software, enhancing functional safety, and navigating the intricate yet indispensable software development, deployment, and upgrade processes.

Differentiation through software

Software-defined vehicles (SDVs) are revolutionizing the mobility landscape. In the future, it will be software that would shape the mobility experience. Automakers are enhancing their vehicles with services, such as ADAS, creating new opportunities for drivers and passengers alike. Efficient management of vehicles and services in the era of connected mobility requires robust platforms and systems, often powered by technologies like cloud. This transformation positions software-defined cars as integral IoT endpoints.

White paper: Software-defined vehicles and the role of OTA platforms

Discover the strategies employed by automotive software providers to harness the benefits of OTA platforms.


When decades of experience meet the power of innovation

We craft top-tier embedded software, delivering millions of global over-the-air updates. Our expertise shines in security, connectivity, and open source solutions, making us your perfect partner for unlocking innovation across software, platforms, and infrastructure.

Unlocking quality and security in software development and deployment

Delivering connected car services within vehicles is a multifaceted endeavor that demands a holistic approach. Only those automakers are poised to succeed in future, who are equipped with the necessary capabilities of software development that can adhere to stringent quality standards (such as Aspice, ISO 26262, AUTOSAR) for in-car services. It also involves ensuring reliable, scalable, and secure backend provisioning, coupled with essential connectivity to facilitate over-the-air software updates for software-defined vehicles.

White paper: open source for Automotive

How open source is revolutionizing the way automotive companies develop and innovate their software solutions.

You envision - we implement

Bring your vision to reality with our profound expertise and cutting-edge digital solutions tailored for every facet of the software-defined vehicle. Accelerate your journey to market readiness by harnessing our capabilities to streamline your software-defined journey. Whether it's in-car services or service delivery, we uphold the highest standards that will set you apart in the fierce competition among OEMs, ensuring an exceptional driver and passenger experience. 

Experience virtual homologation at IAA Mobility 2023

Join us in Automobilwoche's cockpit talk, where we delve into the “Digital Loop Showcase” featured at IAA MOBILITY. Let Christian Hort, Senior Vice President of Automotive at T-Systems, take you through the virtual homologation demonstration. This showcase illustrates the collaboration between project partners Kontrol, dSPACE, FEV.io, TÜV SÜD, Microsoft, Berylls, and T-Systems. It showcases Operational Design Domain (ODD) extension for an SAE Level 3 vehicle equipped with an automated lane-keeping system. This demonstration highlights the critical role of over-the-air software updates in safety validation. 

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