Messer - new T-Systems North America customer

Downers Grove, IL, December 3, 2019, T-Systems was selected to partner with Messer to provide SAP and non-SAP hosting, application operations and security services for its operations in the Americas.


Health and safety is at the forefront of the conversation. Jan Sanders, from Kentix, explains in this Webinar replay how SmartXcan, powered by T-Systems, can help you navigate through these changing times!

Interview: Without connectivity, IoT is dead

Rami Avidan, responsible for the Deutsche Telekom Group's IoT business, explains why IoT cannot exist without connectivity.

Cloud infrastructure of the future

These days, companies usually have a mix of private and public clouds, as well as on-premises infrastructures. Future Cloud Infrastructure is part of a hybrid cloud solution to provide customers with a larger variety of services.

Data Protection for Enterprise Imaging

Business Continuity and data resilience are crucial in today’s dynamic healthcare environments.

Migration to SAP S/4 HANA

SAP S/4HANA is not simply a new release, but a technology and platform shift which will shape the business and IT landscape in many enterprises for years to come. Shell has not only extended their contract with T-Systems until 2022 but is also migrating 48 terabytes of date from more than 20 systems to HANA including real-time information.

Shell Oil Data Center Consolidation

Today, Shell employs 92,000 employees, consists of four key business: Upstream, Integrated Gas and New Energies, Downstream, and Projects & Technology 3 , and is highly committed to putting technology and innovation at the core of all it does. Clearly, any organization this advanced requires stable and compliant IT services to run its daily operations. And that is where T-Systems comes in. For over nine years, Deutsche Telekom’s corporate customer arm has been supplying Shell with worldwide data center services