Female professional working on production systems in factory

Optimize production systems for peak performance

The power of data and AI can uncover new insights for the manufacturing industry

Essential building blocks for an intelligent factory

Unforeseen events, equipment malfunctions, and downtime periods significantly impact cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Troubleshooting and quality inspection processes are further hindered by limited access to real-time and historical sensor data. To address these challenges, manufacturers are increasingly seeking the transformative power of data and AI technology.

Take control of situations even before they happen

Data and AI-powered monitoring optimizes the manufacturing process and gives a game-changing advantage. By analyzing real-time sensor data, AI can predict equipment failures, optimize production schedules, and minimize downtime. This translates to significant cost savings, improved product quality, and enhanced on-time delivery. Additionally, AI can uncover hidden insights from vast datasets, enabling manufacturers to develop innovative business models to solidify their competitive edge.

Harnessing real-time data and AI to improve manufacturing efficiency

Expert workshop

Get an in-depth demo of our data and AI-based optimization approach to become a smart manufacturing business and learn more about its benefits such as improved quality control and customer experience.

T-Systems’ AI Solution Factory for manufacturing

Our comprehensive solution unlocks the power of data and AI to transform your manufacturing operations. Leverage our Industrial IoT platform for real-time access to machine data, enabling proactive optimization of availability and productivity. Real-time alerts and notifications minimize downtime during preventive maintenance. Built-in data processing, visualization, and analytics support predictive maintenance to ensure your production systems remain secure and optimize data-driven strategies.

Intelligent condition monitoring and optimization for smart manufacturing

Our solution unlocks a wealth of benefits: reduced downtime, improved output and customer experience, lower service and maintenance costs, and a mitigated impact from skilled worker shortages. This translates to enhanced availability, productivity, and overall total cost of ownership, ultimately propelling your profitability. Additionally, you gain access to new revenue streams through improved quality and process optimizations, enabling the development of innovative business models.

When failure is not an option, AI can improve quality and decision-making

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning experts René Phan and Jörg Heizmann discuss how manufacturing companies can successfully get their AI projects up and running into an industrial application with the help of our newly launched AI Solution Factory.

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