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E-health: the formula for success in healthcare

Healthcare technology has been the talk of the town. Now, we make it a reality for better patient care and service delivery

Health and digital technology – working hand in glove

The availability, quality, and efficiency of medical care is vital. However, lack of skilled workers, time-consuming bureaucratic processes, and absence of communication options often stand in the way. To improve this scenario, we need to digitalize the healthcare system – from hospitals and healthcare insurers to rehabilitation facilities and midwife practices. At T-Systems, we map the entire patient journey, whether prevention, treatment, follow-up care, or solutions for rehabilitation facilities. Our primary focus is the optimal treatment and secure handling of sensitive patient data. 



Health Hybrid Cloud

Modernize and optimize legacy healthcare applications for cloud-based digital transformation.

Hospital information systems

Successful healthcare facilities rely on powerful hospital information systems (HIS).
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Mobile hospital apps

Mobile-ready apps on smartphones and tablets are making hospitals more efficient.
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Clinical study systems

Modern health portals provide secure access to health and study data for authorized users for digital medicine.
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Solutions for United States


Digitalization with trust

Digitalization is a sensitive topic, especially in the healthcare environment, which should be conceived from the ground up and requires reliable partners. That’s why our experts are happy to provide you with advice and support. Give us a call and let’s talk!

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