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Application Management Services

Transform your business applications by integrating speed, risk management, and agile development

Operational excellence with comprehensive Application Management Services

In today’s fast-paced business and IT landscape, the challenge lies in delivering Application Management Services (AMS) with speed, operational efficiency, and reduced costs whilst ensuring uncompromising quality. T-Systems understands this challenge and excels in providing standardized Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) -based agile and classic streamlined operations, reduced resolution time, lower costs, and enhanced application availability. Partner with us to unlock your applications’ full potential and drive competitive business success.

We offer end-to-end delivery with magenta reliability, quality, and security

As the market leader, T-Systems, along with Deutsche Telekom, offers end-to-end (E2E) application management services, making them a standout provider in the industry. Operating on a global scale, T-Systems has over 3,000 AMS experts with coverage across 20+ countries, and all continents, and proficiency in over 10 languages. T-Systems’ strategic alliance with industry-leading technology providers, including SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, ServiceNow, Google, AWS, Salesforce, OpenShift, Atlassian, VMware, IBM, and others enables us to deliver fully integrated solutions, leveraging AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) and hyper-automation technologies for efficient analysis and insights.

Our rapidly growing AMS footprint

ISG leader

in NextGen ADM1

100+ large

active customers in >20 countries

> 1mn

users migrated

> 15K

applications migrated

  • 1 

    ISG Leader in country Brazil

Transition with proven “AMbition” framework

Our proven AMbition 5.0 methodology forms the foundation of our transition approach. With this robust framework, we ensure a structured and efficient transition that aligns with your business needs and goals. We utilize advanced tools, including reverse engineering and automated scanning tools, to facilitate a smooth and efficient transition process. These tools help us gain insights into your application landscape, enabling us to make informed decisions and streamline the transition. With our focus on smooth and low-risk transitions, and leveraging our experience and expertise, we aim to deliver a seamless application management experience for your enterprise.

Best in class and reliable services for your enterprise applications

T-Systems’ comprehensive Application Management Services provides professional support for complex application landscapes throughout their lifecycle. With customizable service times up to 24/7 service provision, low incident resolution and quick response times, we ensure smooth business operations. Our standardized services, based on ITIL best practices, deliver consistent and reliable support. With our Next Generation AMS approach, we achieve remarkable results, e. g. resolution times reduction up to 50%, lowering TCO up to 30% by outstanding mindset of the service teams, fully automated Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) processes, close collaboration of service teams and passion for you and your applications.

Future-proof your applications with application modernization and support

Future-proof your business with T-Systems’ Application Management Services. Our 25+ years of experience and expertise, proactive monitoring, and cutting-edge tools ensure your applications can adapt to emerging technologies and evolving business needs. With a focus on aligning applications with your strategy, we offer tailored solutions that leverage AI/ML, cloud integration, and process optimization. Benefit from our industry knowledge, innovation, and strong partnerships to confidently navigate the digital future and drive long-term success at competitive prices for AMS.

Ready to experience seamless AMS?

Reach out to our dedicated team to discuss your specific requirements and explore how our services can benefit your business. Learn more about how our Application Management Services can benefit your organization and propel your business forward. 

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