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Data Protection for Enterprise Imaging

Powered by Hitachi Vantara

Protecting and Managing Patient Data

Business Continuity and data resilience are crucial in today’s dynamic healthcare environments. Healthcare organizations expect fast, uninterrupted access to their DICOM and non-DICOM mission-critical data to ensure comprehensive insight for their patients.  In addition, as more and more diverse document and data types become integral to providing effective patient care, having the ability to manage those documents through one common platform has become increasingly important to healthcare organizations.

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Meeting the Demand


To meet this demand, T-Systems offers Data Protection for Enterprise Imaging powered by Hitachi Vantara. With a unified approach to data visibility and protection we deliver a comprehensive framework for Cloud Data Storage and Cloud Data Replication.  The collection of services – based on service level agreements (SLAs) and as a service consumption – was designed with ease of adoption for our customers.

Collectively, with multiple service offerings, the T-Systems Data Protection for Enterprise Imaging minimizes the complexity of design and deployment by using a standardized service catalog. Our cloud services can be consumed through a choice of hybrid or private cloud architectures – whichever best suits your business needs

Cloud Data Storage

The Cloud Data Storage service provides customers with a service catalog based on six tiers of capacity modules ranging from as little as 25 terabytes to 4 petabytes.  
Multiple modules can be consumed individually or can be combined to support tens of petabytes of storage capacity.

  • Six tiers of capacity ranging from 25 terabytes to 4 petabytes.
  • Each tier includes a minimum commitment for monthly usage billing within that tier. As the next tier is reached, the next level of minimum commitment is reached.
  • Billing remains flexible above the minimum commitment based on monthly storage consumption.
  • If unexpected growth is required, you can jump immediately to any of the higher tiers.
  • Availability is provided at 99.95% and data durability is provided at 99.99999999%.

Cloud Data Replication

The Cloud Data Replication service provides customers with a service catalog based on a replicated copy of the data consumed within the Cloud Data Storage service.  
The billing model is also based on the Cloud Data Storage service to allow customers to augment their storage service with minimal added cost.

  • Six tiers of capacity.
  • Provides a replicated copy to the T-Systems Cloud to ensure high availability without the cost of managing that data copy yourself.
  • Each tier includes an incremental minimum commitment modeled after the Cloud Data Storage service.
  • Availability is provided at 99.99%.
  •  As with Cloud Data Storage, support for DICOM and non-DICOM data.

Our Offerings

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  • Service offerings:
    • Standard: Cloud Data Storage
      • The foundation for the T-Systems Data Protection for Enterprise imaging.
    • Premium: Cloud Data Replication
      • Builds on to Cloud Data Storage by adding additional protection through HCP-based replication.
  • Service Objectives
    • Service management choice – Fully managed with turn-key SLAs.
    • On- or Off-premise – supports private and hybrid cloud
    • Consumption-based – service acquisition
  • Storage Capacity Levels
    • Tier 1: 25, 50, 75 and 100TB
    • Tier 2: 101TB to 249TB
    • Tier 3: 250TB to 499TB
    • Tier 4: 500TB to 999TB
    • Tier 5: 1000TB to 1999TB
    • Tier 6: 2000TB to 4000TB
  • Pricing
    • By Healthcare Study
    • By Storage Capacity
  • Architecture
    • Support for Hitachi Vantara EIS and HCP Portfolio on-premise and within the T-Systems Cloud.
    • A choice of traditional capex, consumption-based opex or a blend of both.
    • A complete hybrid architecture of services to meet every healthcare customer requirement for cloud storage and data protection.

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Key Service Capabilities

  • Elastic consumption pay as you go with a small entry point.
  • Integration with third-party PACS solutions to support DICOM and non-DICOM data.
  • Guaranteed service levels.
  • Based on a standardized service catalogue that maps directly to the data protection requirements being driven by your business.
  • 60-day deployment with consistent SLAs on Day 1.
  • Provides SLA and SLOs that focus on the availability and performance of the underlying infrastructure to support the services.
  • Available as private or hybrid cloud designed to reduce or eliminate the need for tape.
  • Provides usage metering, system monitoring and alerting, as well as availability reporting.
  • Includes the options of a fixed one-time setup cost or inclusion of those costs within the service carried through the term of the contract.
  • A full collection of professional services including planning and design, fully managed private or hybrid cloud deployment and a choice of partial or self-service solution management.
  • Leverages the Hitachi Vantara Enterprise Imaging Solution (EIS) and the Hitachi Content Platform Portfolio (HCP) paired with T-Systems Services.
  • Greater agility and alignment to business use.

Key Service Differentiators

  • Very competitive pricing with contracts ranging 3 - 5 years.
  • The expertise of T-Systems for implementation, management and use.
  • Industry leading Hitachi Vantara technology under pinning T-Systems services
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