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Creating a sustainable future

Rethink the system: Growing digitally and investing in sustainability at the same time

Sustainability: a must for the economy and society

Sustainable transformation is an important focal topic for nations, companies and citizens. But how can we develop and build our future with limited resources? In order to achieve a more sustainable future, by 2030 the EU wants to reduce CO₂ emissions by 55 percent compared to 1990 levels. Companies are also called to act more sustainably. T-Systems supports this with innovative ideas and technologies on the way toward net zero.

EU Green Deal: take action now to protect the environment

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The European Green Deal provides the EU with a comprehensive set of measures for the protection of the climate and the environment in business and industry. These include new regulations on sustainability reporting. Significantly more companies will be required to submit reports from 2023 onwards. As an experienced IT provider with in-depth sector and industry expertise, we don't just act sustainably ourselves. We rethink the status quo in order to actively promote future changes. Together with our customers, we face ecological challenges and implement their ecological goals using sustainable digitalization.

New awareness requires companies to rethink their approach

Consumers are becoming more sustainable in their purchases, and climate protection is becoming a key factor in choosing an employer: a new mindset in society is requiring companies to rethink. Stakeholders today expect a genuine commitment to sustainability. And investors prefer to invest in sustainable developments and projects. This is a matter of urgency, as new technologies are the only way to achieve the energy transformation and the net-zero target. There is also a demand for transparency and independence from suppliers in order to make the circular economy flexibly sustainable.

Sustainability and digitalization

Digitalization as a booster for sustainability! In this trend book, you’ll learn how digital technologies can help you to reduce energy consumption, use resources more efficiently, and optimize supply chains.

Harnessing the potential of digitalization and minimizing ecological damage

In order to meet global sustainability goals, new technologies and service models are required, as well as materials and products that promote a low-carbon circular economy. We as an IT provider can accelerate this change with holistic digitalization that minimizes the negative ecological impact of corporate activity. For instance, by leveraging the potential of Industry 4.0 or smart logistics. Or help to implement sustainable offers with the digitalization of business models using platform economies, concepts for sharing, or the intelligent use of resources.

Why companies need to become more sustainable and how digitalization is helping them achieve this

Sustainable business design

Because we have to go green: we support you on your way to becoming a sustainable company with innovative ideas and technologies. Get in touch!

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