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Your dual study program at T-Systems

Come to us to combine theory and practical skills

Full steam ahead into the dual bachelor's degree program

Not enough for you to be in the office all the time? Is just being at uni too theoretical for you? Why not combine both? We let you choose between various bachelor courses in business informatics, computer science and business management. Your apprenticeship contract is concluded with Deutsche Telekom and you can then complete your practical assignment with us. The duration of study varies from university to university and ranges from 3 to 3.25 years.

What you can expect

We will pay you a monthly salary and other social benefits and will also cover your university fees. You will also be entitled to vacation which you can distribute freely across your practical assignment with us. During the course of your studies, we will also provide you with a laptop, a smartphone and internet access to go with them. 

The program begins in the winter semester (depending on the course of study, this is 01.09. or 01.10.). Your monthly salary in the dual study program is between 1,285 and 1,395 euros (as of 01.06.2023).

Business Informatics

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During your dual studies, you will gain extensive insights into the field of business informatics. You will learn the necessary IT and computer science knowledge as well as background knowledge of business administration as well as project and process management skills.

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Information and Communication Technology (BE)

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You don't just use modern communication technology such as iMessage, WhatsApp and email, you would like to find out what technology is behind it. The Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information and Communication Technology teaches you which technologies and systems process and transfer information.

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Informatics (BSc)

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With the Bachelor of Science in Informatics, you will have the opportunity to get involved in actively shaping digitalization and, for example, ensuring that devices are able to communicate with one another. This dual degree program leads the way in your career in IT jobs in which qualified specialists are already in high demand.

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Telecommunications IT (BE)

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With a Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunications IT you are always in demand when information needs to find the way to its goal. In a combination of studies and practical work, you will learn everything about processing, storing and transferring information.

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Information Technology (BE)

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A technical expert who is also in the know when it comes to business matters: that's what you are when you've got your Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology under your belt. You know your stuff when it comes to integration, further development, and selecting computer systems and their applications, but also when it comes to business matters.

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Business Management (B. A.)

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Business management and technology – this is the focus of your dual Bachelor of Arts degree program in Business Administration. You will learn to understand economic correlations while also discovering the specific challenges that a technology group faces.

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IT Security (BSc)

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During your Bachelor of Science course in IT Security, you will have to tackle information security issues and develop IT security concepts for IT applications.  In a varied combination of studies and practical work, you will learn everything about protecting information and networking in the digital world.

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Civil Engineering

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During your dual studies you will gain extensive insights into the field of civil engineering. You combine technical and scientific expertise with commercial knowledge and take on the planning and implementation of construction projects - from the draft to completion.

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Central training management

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