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How companies use the advantages of digitalization

Solutions from T-Systems can help you prepare for the future

Digitalization success stories

Here you will find references for digitalization. Read more about which solutions are used in the transport and logistics sector, for cosmetics manufacturers, or in the energy sector – to name but a few.

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Digital solutions to alleviate distress

T-Systems builds a digital platform within 24 hours to support the Mercabarna wholesale market in distributing food.

Satellic: Intelligent toll collection

The modular toll platform collects road tolls without the need for an additional infrastructure.
A hand holds an electronic price tag.

Digitize commerce with FashionTAG

With the FashionTAG as an electronic price tag for clothing, a department store chain has made a successful start with digital commerce.
Bird's eye view of the terminal

Beijing Airport: airport management by T-Systems

Fully-integrated complete solution provides digital traffic management and smooth processes.
A virtual representation of points connected by lines and the SAP logo.

SAP services for Clariant

All business-critical SAP core applications from Clariant run on infrastructures operated by T-Systems.
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Blockchain for the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

How the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees uses Blockchain to optimize the asylum procedure and increase data security.
A woman with VR glasses and a hot air balloon in the background.

LIZ: virtual reality experience center

The information center in the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park offers a barrier-free, innovative 360-degree panoramic tour.
Man with blue helmet and orange warning vest looking at documents, in the background is a ship's dock

Smart port Durban

How Africa's largest container port intelligently controls growing flows of goods and traffic.
Virtual representation of a steel chain in close-up.

RUD: Digitized chains

RUD is using the Industrial Internet of Things to enhance transparency in conveyor systems.
Two doctors analyze data on a screen

As quickly as possible

The challenge in the KAGes system conversion? To keep the downtime as low as possible; a hospital lacking access to patient information, plans, and management over an extended period of time would have dramatic consequences.
 A road travelled by cars, next to it binary codes.

Big data for an excellent driving experience

T-Systems analyzes anonymized driving data for automotive OEM in China
A man shows a woman behind a sales counter something on a smartphone.

How we helped to centrally manage cash registers at 600 sites

Logistics company modernizes its branch POS system and makes it more flexible with software-as-a-service from the cloud.
Graphical representation of a truck fleet in a container terminal.

Digital Drive for BwFuhrparkService GmbH

T-Systems generates increased transparency and efficiency in mobility services for BwFuhrparkService GmbH.
A man with glasses is working on a laptop.

New customer portal for Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

Together with T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, LBBW has developed a platform for digitalized communication with customers.
A person in a red jersey holds a football under his left arm.

VfB Stuttgart: Digital fan and customer database

VfB Stuttgart uses the Salesforce Sales Cloud for a systematic mapping of fan and customer data.
A woman watches virtual representations of machine parts on two monitors.

CADFEM: New sales channels due to e-business platform

The family business has developed a modern e-business platform as part of its holistic digital strategy.
One hand holds a smartphone in front of two beer glasses.

Rastal: Smart glasses

The glasses from Rastal printed with NFC chips allow direct communication with the end customer.
View from above on black and brown shoes.

Collonil: Automated processes through SAP

To improve its competitiveness, Collonil receives daily updated and customer-specific sales analyses via App by SAP.
A young man and an older woman look at a screen together.

TÜV SÜD: Platform for smooth business operations

Microsoft Teams improves and simplifies cross-location collaboration and knowledge sharing.
A woman walks hand in hand through the forest with a child.

Barrier-free access to social services

The Bavarian Centre for Family and Welfare offers citizens with disabilities access to information and applications.
Woman in white work clothes taps on tablet with gloves.

Optimization of an integrated management system

With its quality management system, supplier Küfner relies on efficient processes for improved competitiveness.
Two virtual gears consisting of zeros and ones interlock.

MULTIVAC from Bavaria: flexible BOMs optimize production

How the machine manufacturer is achieving efficiency gains through automation.
Huge traffic circle in a big city at night.

Gijón: Transformation into a smart city

T-Systems supported the city of Gijón in Spain to become a smart city.

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A computer-generated sports car.

Big data signal processing

From big data to huge data – this is how cloud-based tools and big data analytics processes from T-Systems can help the automobile industry make progress.
Employee with augmented reality glasses works in the lab.

More efficient machine maintenance with augmented reality

Schwan Cosmetics works with virtual reality glasses
Smartphone-Bildschirm im Sprachaufnahme-Modus

The digital service employee

The end of the waiting loop: At BARMER, a digital assistant acts as a concierge for the telephone hotline.
 Aerial view of three truck trailers in front of a building

Improved transport security and customer loyalty

Quehenberger Logistics significantly reduces risks of theft and delay with the Roambee on Tour solution.
Blurred picture of two women talking with a smartphone in their hand, a display board of the train in the background

When a delay secretly brings joy

Thanks to the automatic forecasting machine, customers of the Deutsche Bahn travel with up-to-the-minute information. The relevant algorithms learn something new every day.
A light source is surrounded by a glowing net.

Energy provider LEAG benefits from the public cloud

The public cloud platform ServiceNow automates processes and streamlines workflows.
Close-up of a pressure gauge on a large tank

Industry 4.0 for KAESER Kompressoren

Kaeser Kompressoren SE implements an innovative business model with the end-to-end solution “Compressed air as a service”
Factory hall, where several of the bodies of cars are lined up in a row.

Smart Factory at Magna

With its driverless transport service for assembly, automotive supplier Magna sets the benchmark for intelligent production facilities.
A man with VR glasses looks at an operating room


The Japanese company Olympus, together with T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, is currently testing how medical technology can be experienced virtually in operating theaters.
Hand holding glass ball in the sea and green shore visible in the distance.

Grupo Schettino takes the leap into the digital future

How SAP S/4HANA at Grupo Schettino ensures greater efficiency and transparency in business processes.
Hand taps on smartphone.

The BBK’s warning app NINA

How T-Systems supports the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief
 Person in suit holds a digital cloud with the words ERP inside it.

Electro Terminal in Innsbruck: greater agility for production

How a company built an ERP platform for the future.

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