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Comprehensive security for your company

Whether an internal company network, cloud or IoT – targeted attacks on companies are on the rise. Telekom Security looks after cybersecurity

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Cyberattacks present ever greater challenges to companies with growing digitalization. On a daily basis, hackers try to steal business-critical data or digital identities and manipulate connected production facilities. The rising, all-encompassing connectivity requires omnipresent security measures. This is why Telekom Security is offering all customers the same highly-professional solutions, which even Deutsche Telekom is using to protect itself around the world.

The importance of cyber defense is on the rise

42 million

attacks on 620 physical Honeypot sensors (3,400 logic sensors)

2.5 billion

security-related events from 3,300 data sources

20 million

malicious codes in our malware library

up to 60 million

attacks on the infrastructure on one day (highest value in April 2019)
Extract from 24-hour IT security at Telekom (as at January 2020)

Comprehensive connectivity needs comprehensive security

In times of IoT, cloud and digital identities, IT security is becoming increasingly important. With its end-to-end support, Telekom Security offers comprehensive solutions for networks, cloud services, and end user applications.

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T-Systems solutions for your security

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With Managed Cyber Defense, we have found an effective solution to protect our customers' data at the highest level of security.

Ralph Günther, former CEO, CORPUS SIREO

The Telekom Security difference

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  • More than 1,600 employees worldwide in the cyber security segment 
  • We operate Europe's largest integrated cyber defense and security operations center (SOC) with more than 240 employees and 24/7 availability
  • We work closely with major manufacturers of security solutions such as Cisco, Checkpoint, Microsoft, McAfee, IBM, Zscaler and Zimperium
  • We develop our own, innovative and future-proof software covering machine learning, artificial intelligence, the protection of mobile devices, vulnerability scanning, identity management and an intelligent attack, detection and monitoring system
  • Our Telekom Threat Library contains 20 million entries of our findings pertaining to viruses, malware, APT attacks and zero-day exploits
  • We offer the same highly-effective solutions which Deutsche Telekom uses to protect itself around the world for our clients .

ISG Provider Lens Quadrant Report

Cyber security in Germany: Resources to deal with increasing threats are becoming scarcer.

Digital solutions for industries and markets

End-to-end with flexible entry

Security Roadmap

As every company is faced with different challenges, the requirements for a security partner are varied. Our approach acknowledges this through the creation of a specific roadmap. Our end-to-end approach – from evaluating and planning your security, through implementation, to monitoring and defense – guides us throughout.

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