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Enhancing passenger experience with dynamic information

Our cutting-edge infotainment systems keep you amused and informed on the go

Revolutionizing rail travel with passenger infotainment solutions

In today’s dynamic rail travel landscape, passenger infotainment is pivotal. Meeting passengers’ rising expectations for real-time, high-quality information, T-Systems offers innovative solutions. Our dynamic passenger information systems go beyond essential data, providing real-time updates, connections, and entertainment, ensuring an enriched journey for passengers, and streamlined operations for rail operators.

Embracing digital transformation in passenger travel

Today’s travelers seek more than mere point-to-point travel; they demand convenience and a passenger-centric experience. T-Systems, with expertise in public transport information, real-time computing, and multimedia entertainment, stands at the forefront of this transformation. We combine real-time passenger information and customer-centric infotainment, crafting an environment where passengers remain at the heart of their journey, informed, entertained, and delighted throughout their travel experience.

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Railway Information Display System (RIDS)

To boost customer satisfaction and modernise services, managing complex IT landscapes and various supplier solutions is key. The solution involves a central system with automated content management and real-time information, offering dynamic, customisable visuals and integration with key transportation modes. This leads to an improved passenger experience, streamlined operations, cost-effectiveness, easy migration, and a foundation for future development. The T-Systems’ RIDS provides comprehensive information for customers at stations and stops. Journey information, route guidance, and multimodal travel offers are presented in a modern, multimedia format and in real-time.

T-Systems’ cutting-edge flight information display system

T-Systems has implemented a universal Flight Information Display System (FIDS) that is revolutionizing the way airports manage their operations. This system expertly handles real-time flight schedules, advertising, and critical information across numerous display units, delivering a seamless passenger experience and operational efficiency. The upgrade to the 4th generation FIDS offers increased availability, scalability, and cost-efficiency, optimizing key processes like flight information distribution, de-icing, and baggage handling. The customized integration into the airport’s IT infrastructure ensures a superior passenger experience, further solidifying the airport’s role in global aviation. In another significant airport, this innovative FIDS solution has resulted in enhanced efficiency and reliability, strengthening the airport’s position in Germany’s aviation landscape.

Dynamic passenger information

Keeping passengers well-informed from start to finish is crucial for delivering the optimum modern travel experience. That’s where dynamic passenger information encompassing a range of tools and technologies plays a vital role. This passenger information displays offer real-time details on arrival times, service disruptions, and essential journey information at each stop, reducing uncertainty and enabling more informed decisions. In-vehicle information displays take it further, providing passengers with real-time updates on their location, upcoming stops, and estimated arrival times, offering engagement and guidance throughout the journey. Meanwhile, real-time internet information, accessible through websites and apps, empowers passengers to plan journeys remotely, access schedules, track vehicle locations, and receive notifications on service changes or disruptions, enhancing convenience and control. This comprehensive approach of T-Systems not only benefits passengers but also fosters customer satisfaction, increased ridership, and resource efficiency for transportation providers, making dynamic passenger information an integral component of modern transportation systems that promises ongoing innovation for travelers.

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