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Redefining automotive with AI

How AI is driving innovation and efficiency across the entire automotive value chain

Unlocking opportunities with AI in the automotive industry

AI is transforming the automotive industry, making vehicles smarter, safer, and redefining how we interact with vehicles. It is also unlocking innovation and transformation across all organizational domains and the whole automotive value chain. From innovative quality assurance based on AI vision, to empowering employees, for example, achieving engineering breakthroughs supported with Gen AI, over to automizing processes. The overall automotive landscape is experiencing the AI revolution.

Building AI-enabled automotive companies and driving innovation

Albeit AI acts as a cornerstone for unleashing a new era of mobility and possibilities in the automotive industry, companies need to tackle a variety of issues. OEMs and all the players in the automotive value chain see themselves confronted with balancing the significant potential and challenges AI poses. For example, considering the ethical and compliance-related aspects, while choosing the right strategy to implement AI quickly and effectively. At T-Systems, we can be your trusted partner in and around all things AI from advisory to implementation.

Start by crafting your AI strategy

Develop a structured framework to leverage artificial intelligence within the organization and gain an edge in the automotive industry.

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Stay on top of complex regulatory environments

Speed up the deployment of AI to stay ahead in automotive

Our off-the-rack AI solutions enable automakers to rapidly deploy technology to gain an edge. Meanwhile, our customized AI solutions are tailored to address specific industry challenges. Whether it's for optimizing supply chains or customized automated quality assurance solutions, the AI factory provides the solutions necessary for automotive companies to thrive in the AI era. Thus, our AI solutions can be invaluable for driving operational excellence.

AI advisory: Steering towards ethical AI solutions

Navigating the ethical landscape is crucial in the realm of automotive AI. Through AI maturity assessments, companies can understand their readiness and align AI strategies with industry standards and societal values. This approach fosters trust and ensures that AI solutions in automotive are not only innovative but also ethically sound and aligned with regulatory requirements. Our AI advisory services offer strategic guidance, ensuring ethical and responsible implementation.

AI Sandbox: Accelerating automotive AI integration

Our AI Sandbox provides a collaborative environment for seamless integration and rapid prototyping of AI solutions. This environment allows for the exploration and development of AI solutions without disrupting existing systems, providing a safe space for innovation, and ensuring that AI solutions are robust, reliable, and ready for real-world application in the automotive sector. From autonomous driving to intelligent manufacturing, our AI Sandbox enables exploration and experimentation with cutting-edge AI technologies. 

AI for intelligent connectivity – catalyst for new possibilities

Intelligent connectivity has the potential to revolutionize the automotive industry by creating new possibilities and transforming the way we interact with vehicles. With the integration of advanced technologies such as 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT), vehicles can become more than just a mode of transportation enabling a new realm of possibilities. From real-time analytics, and advanced driver-assistance systems, to AI-powered data-driven decision-making that extends to smart city infrastructure, for example, reducing traffic flow and congestion reduction, the possibilities are vast.

AI-driven advancements for autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles leverage AI-powered machine learning and data-driven insights for enhanced safety and efficiency. Predictive maintenance, a key feature, ensures reliability and longevity by foreseeing potential issues. This integration of technology transforms traditional vehicles into smart, self-navigating systems, marking a new era of intelligent mobility and innovation.

Identify, develop, and experiment automotive AI use cases with T-Systems

Contact us to see how we can help identify and develop specific AI use cases with and for you, as well as explore how a sandbox environment can be used to quickly test AI solutions in a safe environment.

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