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Benefits you get with us

We are all special and have individual focuses. They can change depending on the phase of life. Our employer benefits accompany you in every phase of your life.

Our employer benefits are worthwhile for you

At T-Systems, we work continuously to offer our employees an outstanding benefits package. Everyone is individual and so the demands placed on the employer are also different. Our benefits* have been carefully developed, offering a variety that allows you to shape your career and life according to your needs. Our goal is to enable you to have everything you need, to become everything you want to be and perform at your best.

Work, Life and Family

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We know that it is a challenge to bring a demanding job together with a fulfilling private life. We help you to balance and manage this, in order to take care of your beloved and recharge.

  • Hybrid work, flexible working time and part time work opportunities – Arrange your work how and from where it fits best.
  • Lifetime work account – Convert salary into time to work part-time, take sabbaticals, or retire early.
  • Care for children and relatives – Use our company daycare facilities, vacation care co-operations, parental and care-giver leave options or professional trainings and advice.
  • Risk coverage benefits – Feel safe with our generous survivor income and disability benefits.

Compensation & Benefits

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They say money can't buy you happiness, but we know it does buy you peace of mind, which is why we support you with an attractive salary and a host of additional benefits.

  • Fair & competitive compensation – Whether apprentice or senior professional, be very well rewarded for your professional engagement.
  • Generous company pensions plan – Look to the future with confidence.
  • Company shares – Become shareholder, buy 2 shares and get one free.
  • Sustainable mobility solutions – Take advantage from our attractive offers* like our company bike, electric company car etc.

Health & Wellbeing

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Efficient, agile employees are the prerequisite for our economic success. For this reason, our workplace health promotion focuses on identifying and reducing the risk of illness at an early stage.

  • Annual medical check and health programs – Find out about your health risks. 
  • Employee assistance programs focused on physical and mental health - Take advantage of our voluntary health promotions offers, such as a free flu vaccination, cancer prevention or Individual counselling and advisory services.
  • Fitness co-operations - Benefit from special conditions or take advantage of digital fitness offers.

Career and personal development

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Life-long learning is essential for us. We offer a wide array of further education and training options, ranging from seminars to on-the-job degrees to optimize performance and realize your potential in every stage of your career.

  • Career advice, coaching and mentor programs – Use opportunities to develop and hone specific skill sets.
  • Extra-occupational studies – Gain an academic qualification.
  • Expert career programs - Grow your expertise by trainings and professional development programs.
  • Youlearn-initiatives – Learning from Experts, share knowledge with your peers, pick up your own learning buddy.

* Please note that while our philosophy is the same across the board, services may vary by company, division and employment status. Please direct specific questions to your recruiting contact for the respective job advertisement.

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