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EUVIC: cloud-based credit portal for SaarLB

EUVIC develops customer portal for SaarLB and meets strict security requirements using the Open Telekom Cloud

Process credit requests faster

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The software company EUVIC has developed a portal which enables business customers' credit requests to be processed interactively and at a considerably faster rate. Since customer data is particularly sensitive, the renowned software company used the Open Telekom Cloud to develop and operate the credit portal. "T-Systems' servers are located in highly secure, multi-certified data centers in Germany," says Daniel Piecha of EUVIC. With the cloud solution, the Landesbank meets the strict regulations of the financial supervisory authority and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Only authorized employees of the bank have unencrypted access to the data in the system. In addition, a neutral third party company reviewed the security concept and certified the cloud solution – after a penetration test – as having a very high level of security.

Benefits for the customer

  • Server locations for the Open Telekom Cloud in Germany offer IT security and optimum data protection. As a result, the Open Telekom Cloud is widely accepted in the sensitive financial sector 
  • Demand-based use and payment (pay-per-use principle)
  • The solution can be extended by private cloud instances (hybrid solution)
  • The company can automatically launch development environments with the Cloud Container Engine (CCE) – including programming tools and scripting languages
  • Open cloud base: OpenStack protects against vendor lock-in 

Our developers were able to quickly familiarize themselves with the Open Telekom Cloud, so they really appreciate the solution.

Daniel Piecha, Managing Director at EUVIC GmbH

Bank relies on solution from the cloud

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Banking and the cloud – for a long time they did not seem to go together. But an increasing number of financial institutions have come to see the cloud as a pioneer for flexibility, agility, and innovation. With a new B2B credit portal from the cloud, Landesbank SaarLB now wants to offer its business customers better service – and at the same time provide optimum protection for customer data. And that's why service provider EUVIC uses the Open Telekom Cloud for the portal.

We are happy to support you on your journey to the cloud!

Our experts can support you with all issues regarding the Open Telekom Cloud and data protection – especially when it comes to critical infrastructures. Contact us, we are here to help.

More agility with the cloud

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The credit portal was ready for use in just four months. Now EUVIC is gradually expanding the credit portal with additional components. Based on Kubernetes, the Cloud Container Engine (CCE) within the Open Telekom Cloud supports them in this. "A great tool that helps us with the development, testing, operation, and maintenance of the applications," says Daniel Piecha. This enables developers to set up, deploy, cluster, and scale cloud containers automatically, quickly, and easily.

Innovative thanks to OpenStack

The OpenStack concept of T-Systems' cloud solution has also been well received by EUVIC. Daniel Piecha: "This concept gives us access to the innovations of the global open source community." In addition, the open architecture protects against becoming dependent on a single provider.

In fact, banks and savings banks prefer to process sensitive data on servers within their own company. But here too, the Open Telekom Cloud performs well – as a hybrid variant. So, EUVIC can also offer its customers hybrid scenarios in the future. The advantage: the private and public instances can be operated on identical hardware and software components. This means that all parts of the solution are fully compatible with one another – and Telekom offers the same support for all configurations.

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The customer at a glance

EUVIC GmbH is an internationally active software development company and is always in demand when sophisticated full-stack software solutions are required. Around 1,800 specialists look after more than a thousand customers in 24 countries at present. The company based in Leverkusen offers special expertise in full-stack software development, cloud-based software solutions, mobile apps, e-commerce, and big data.

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