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Future-oriented impetuses meet swarm intelligence

With platform3l employees become co-thinkers and co-drivers

Data protection and data security as decision criteria

Many companies still lack digital know-how and new ideas. In order to remain competitive in the long term, they must become more innovative. They can do so by empowering their employees to act confidently in the digital world and help shape it successfully. But how? The Bonn-based start-up platform3l has come up with a solution.

As part of its business model, platform3l uses IT resources from Telekom's public cloud, the Open Telekom Cloud. This gives the start-up several advantages: “One of our customers' first questions is always: Where is our data stored?” says Gabriele Riedmann de Trinidad, founder and CEO of platform3l. “The Open Telekom Cloud is a real sales argument for us, because this technical basis has already created the foundation for trust for our customers.” And not without reason: The Trusted Cloud Data Protection Profile (TCDP) certifies that the Open Telekom Cloud is currently one of the few cloud offerings on the market to have a legally compliant privacy certification for defined cloud services. In addition, the data is stored in highly secure, multiple-certified Deutsche Telekom data centers in Germany.

Scalable resources for growth and AI applications

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Storage capacities can be booked quickly in the public cloud if required – this can also be done automatically – and released again. This means that the start-up always has costs under control. In addition, the Open Telekom Cloud is based on the open operating system OpenStack, so that platform3l can integrate innovative tools at any time.

The integration of AI applications is planned for the future: With this, founder Riedmann de Trinidad wants to automate the search for possible solution providers and experts for implementation in order to eventually make even more companies fit for the future. 

Customer benefits:

  • Open Telekom Cloud as a good sales argument for customers thanks to the highest level of data security and data protection 
  • IT infrastructure scales with business development, costs based on pay-as-you-go principle
  • OpenStack enables access to partner ecosystem and innovative tools
  • Best basis for AI applications
Gabriele Riedmann de Trinidad

We believe that digitalization should also become a matter of course for small and medium-sized enterprises, so that we have the chance to become the land of digital ideas.

Gabriele Riedmann de Trinidad, founder and CEO platform3l

How do latecomers become pioneers?

Digitalization still poses major challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). According to a recent survey by Bitkom-Research, every second medium-sized company describes itself as a “digital laggard.” There are many reasons for this: they lack time and money for this complex topic – and they are concerned about data protection. But the employees also play a decisive role: because they have usually been with the company for a long time, they have lost sight of the bigger picture. They often lack input from outside – and therefore simply lack ideas. Bitkom President Achim Berg also believes that this must change urgently: “These are precisely the companies we have to make pioneers of digitalization,” he says.

The challenge:

  • Matchmaking of solution providers and experts to be automated
  • Need for flexible computing resources to train and deploy artificial intelligence to support the matchmaking 
  • Security and data protection the most important prerequisites for winning customers

We look forward to your project!

We would be happy to provide you with the right experts and to answer your questions about planning, implementation, and maintenance for your digitalization plans. Get in touch!

Innovative concept for the digital world

The Bonn-based start-up platform3l has developed a concept for lifelong learning. “We provide employees and managers with impetuses for ideas that they can implement in their companies,” explains founder and CEO Gabriele Riedmann de Trinidad. If a project is implemented, platform3l will also find a suitable partner from the TechBoost pool, Deutsche Telekom's start-up program, to which platform3l also belongs.

The start-up provides its customers with daily material for digital ideas by sending practical application examples to its customers' smartphones. These examples serve as impetuses that show how technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) are being used successfully worldwide. The employees of companies can then use these impetuses to generate ideas, with which they can further develop their own business digitally. 

“The future-oriented impetuses are filtered according to industries, technologies and social trends and can thus be tailored specifically to a company,” explains platform3l managing director Riedmann de Trinidad.

The experience of the employees becomes the company’s biggest asset. Because long-standing employees know the weaknesses of their processes and can develop relevant ideas by evaluating the future-oriented impetuses in order to guide their own company towards the future. In this way, the employees’ swarm intelligence functions as a digital strategy consultant for companies.

The solution

  • IT capacities from the Open Telekom Cloud based on the open cloud architecture OpenStack
  • Scalable storage resources
  • Virtual machines of the Elastic Cloud Server category 
  • Domain Name Service (DNS) for the platform3l.com website
  • Functions for automated scaling of resources

About platform3l

platform3l regularly sends digital future-oriented impetuses to employees along the value chain of companies. The employees evaluate the impetuses and generate ideas from them. In this way, platform3l transforms swarm intelligence into a digital strategy consultant. In addition, platform3l provides partners for the implementation of the ideas. The start-up uses the Open Telekom Cloud for its platform.

Link to the website

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