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Smooth IT carve-out 

End-to-end consulting & support for smooth IT infrastructure carve-out in the chemicals industry

Therefore the IT carve-out project had to focus on supporting the separation of IT infrastructures, applications, and data migration. T-Systems stepped in to assist with splitting off the infrastructure, thanks to its extensive infrastructure know-how – in collaboration with consulting experts from its subsidiary Detecon.

This combined IT and consulting expertise ensured business processes were transferred and maintained smoothly.

The benefits: holistic and customised support

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The customer gained all of the consulting expertise and support services of specialists from a single source to manage the complex infrastructure separation. The services ranged from international management consulting to resolving detailed technical issues, through to implementing the data migration for specific legacy applications, such as Lotus Notes. Technical problems that had not been noticed before were identified and resolved during the consulting process. The project management used and the specific experts brought on board were at the customer‘s side from the strategy phase through to the hypercare phase after the separation was successfully completed across all elements of the IT carve-out. The highly dynamic provision of skills (experts on demand) gave the customer exactly the right expertise it needed at each particular moment. This meant the customer could manage the IT carve-out under changing conditions. The planned separation of IT services and simultaneous setup of new IT was possible thanks to extensive infrastructure expertise, as and when required. Both companies‘ relevant departments that relied on the systems affected were able to continue their work as usual.

Further advantages

  • Early involvement of T-Systems/Detecon in M&A programs (planning and implementation)
  • Project management and IT expertise supported the line organization in the transition phase
  • Extensive knowledge of state-of-the-art, highly efficient operating models, architectures, and cloud services – we don‘t just advise, we do it!
  • “Experts on demand“ for flexible consulting & implementation as and when needed

With T-Systems and its management consultancy, Detecon, the customer had access to all of the consulting expertise and support services it needed for the IT carve-out

Dr. Olaf Sieg, Managing Partner, Detecon

The challenge: rapid implementation and ensuring business continuity

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To ensure the joint venture could operate quickly, the two partners decided to use the European partner‘s existing IT systems. The carve-out meant they had to assess the situation in a whole new light. Both legal and strategic issues required the existing IT systems to be separated and an independent IT landscape to be created. In addition, operating business had to be maintained during the transition phase. It was a complex challenge. The transition had to be managed silently and with zero disruption to both sides‘ relevant departments – plus, it was to be done on a tight schedule and in a flexible environment. Management level plans can give a rough timeframe, but in practice this is not enough to take care of the finer details, as unexpected problems and dependencies can occur. This meant in-depth technical expertise was needed for each phase, in order to split business processes smoothly from an IT landscape that had grown over time.

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The solution: flexible “experts-on-demand” model 

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The IT carve-out project started at the beginning of 2019. First, this involved setting up a completely new IT landscape for the former joint venture using a greenfield approach, and second, ending the joint venture‘s access to the existing IT without a long planning phase. It was a challenge – which was passed onto Detecon and T-Systems. The customer used management consultancy Detecon to steer the carve-out sub project in order to split off the IT infrastructure together with T-Systems experts, working on site and remotely. The infrastructure separation program included servers & storage, networks, and the workplace. The dynamic environment required flexible project planning, where a wide variety of experts were called in, some at short notice. This ultra-modern on-demand model (“experts on demand“) gave the customer the right expertise to deal with challenges in the project quickly and systematically, where and when they were needed. In this process, the Telekom team supported the selling company‘s line organization in order to guarantee business continuity.

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