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New Business Transformation with AWS at Cargodian

T-Systems supports business innovation at Cargodian with AWS consulting and solutions

T-Systems provides Data Protection as a Managed Service in the AWS cloud

With the help of this solution, trade finance democratization is supported as buyers and sellers regain control. The company aims to address aspects of global trade such as high costs, lack of transparency, and insufficient security by using blockchain technology. T-Systems is using cutting-edge technology and its data protection expertise to work with Cargodian to transform the business and protect data amid an environment of evolving regulations, technologies, and risks. T-Systems recently teamed up with AWS to roll out Data Protection as a Managed Service in the cloud. This solution keeps customer data secure in the AWS cloud with encryption and visibility controls. The managed service complies with GDPR and the Schrems II ruling. The customer also greatly benefits from the innovation, speed, scalability, breadth, and depth of the AWS cloud.

Benefits for the customer

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Thanks to the cloud services, consulting, and operational support provided by T-Systems, Cargodian has been able to expand its business. T-Systems' extensive expertise and experience with the cloud has been instrumental in helping the company accelerate business innovation, reduce costs, and minimize time-to-value. The startup sought to take a holistic approach to managed security services in order to avoid common threats in online business. T-Systems provided a cost-effective, single-source solution for global data protection using AWS that fulfilled the customer's requirements.

The centrally managed AWS account gives Cargodian the means to achieve business goals, meet data protection requirements, and ensure cost transparency. The AWS platform also provides better security with controlled access, secure network configurations, encryption, and key management. Whether adding new workloads to the platform or developing new products and processes – T-Systems has proven itself to be a valuable partner for Cargodian. As an AWS expert, the company has formed a close business relationship with the customer. T-Systems has delivered a production platform that makes it possible for the customer to pick and choose from the comprehensive services offered by the AWS cloud platform.

The challenge lay in the implementation of our business model through the use of state-of-the-art technical solutions: completely cloud-based and accessible to our customers all over the world while applying European data governance. T-Systems' consultancy expertise on AWS data protection and understanding of what measures in particular were important for our use case played a key role in helping us move forward at the right pace.

Peter Selmayr, Founder and CEO, Cargodian

The challenge

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Cargodian is a startup that was founded by Peter Selmayr and Klaus Burkart and which provides a new, innovative, digital platform for secure and efficient global trade with guaranteed and automatic payments. The platform is structured as an alternative to documentary credits that protects both buyers and sellers by acting as an intermediary (middleman) in the trade chain when a trade transaction takes place. The blockchain-based online platform safeguards financial settlements for both trading partners and allows for a quality check of the delivered goods before the purchase price is paid in full. Smart contracts simplify the documentary credit process for small and medium-sized enterprises, cutting costs in half and minimizing risks. As a startup, Cargodian wanted to avoid investing large sums of money and resources in acquiring licenses and hardware. 

This is how the company found AWS to be the perfect solution to propel them forward and add value to their platform. They needed automated solutions and uninterrupted business operations that were based on solid service level agreements, as well as proactive support around the clock to manage any outages, attacks, and performance issues. In consideration of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which requires all organizations that process personal data of data subjects to take appropriate measures to protect personal data, Cargodian was looking for a trusted partner with expertise in data protection to help them move forward.

The solution

By providing industry-specific consulting, top-quality cloud services, and IT infrastructure solutions, T-Systems is leading the way in supporting Cargodian's business model. AWS cloud solutions provided an abundance of opportunities for the startup's growth, efficiency, and development. The ISG Ecosystem Provider Lens TM ranks T-Systems among the leading providers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Germany, having achieved four first-place rankings in the categories of Consulting Services, Migration Services, and Managed Services. AWS is one of the largest cloud platforms around, providing a faster pace of innovation and greater flexibility for startups like Cargodian, which needed the expertise required to run uninterrupted operations and achieve growth in the future. In order to turbo-charge their innovation efforts, Cargodian is utilizing blockchain functions (Hyperledger technology) from the AWS platform for their service.

 T-Systems helped Cargodian unlock its potential with AWS consulting and solutions. T-Systems set up a landing zone with AWS network functions, including a load balancer and DNS solution for custom pods in the Kubernetes cluster. The global design is authorized and in use in the USA, EMEA, and Asia. A virtual private cloud (VPC) that is divided into a public and a private subnet, including automatic scaling of services and DNS translation from external to internal resources, ensures security. There is also a disaster recovery plan for ensuring business continuity. T-Systems also set up the network to provide a resilient and fault-tolerant design. The solution uses Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS) with AWS Fargate and Elastic File Service (EFS). Alongside this, T-Systems provided the development and operating platform for the company as a managed service.

T-Systems also provides Data Protection as a Managed Service in the AWS cloud, as well as IT infrastructure support and maintenance for Cargodian. This includes Data Confidentiality with T-Systems, which provides guidance on which encryption tools should be used in the cloud, always depending on the data classification, in order to ensure that the right level of encryption is applied to protect customer data. The customer can also easily manage tasks related to controlling data access and location through a managed service. With all the security measures implemented, Cargodian can then ensure that AWS Security best practices are adhered to. Guidelines for detection and prevention facilitate the management of security functions such as automatic compliance remediation and security incident response.

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