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New Business Transformation with AWS at Cargodian

T-Systems supports business innovation at Cargodian with AWS consulting and solutions

T-Systems provides Data Protection as a Managed Service in the AWS cloud

The young company offers an innovative digital global trade solution that is easy to use, affordable, fast, transparent, secure and cost-efficient. It will help in democratizing trade finance giving back control to the seller and buyer. By leveraging blockchain technology, the company is looking to address global trade issues such as high costs and lack of transparency and security. With the state-of-the-art technology and expertise in data protection, T-Systems is collaborating with Cargodian to transform their business and secure their data in a world full of evolving regulations, technology, and risks.

T-Systems has partnered with AWS to launch Data Protection as a Managed Service in the cloud. This solution enhances the security of the client data in the AWS cloud with encryption and transparency controls. The managed service also adheres to the GDPR and the Schrems II judgement. Moreover, it allows the client to reap enormous benefits from the innovation, speed, scalability, breadth, and depth offered by AWS cloud.

The customer benefit

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The cloud services along with the consulting and operations support by T-Systems have allowed Cargodian to scale its business. With its strong cloud experience and expertise, T-Systems aided the company in accelerating business innovation, reducing costs, and minimizing time to value. To avoid the common threats faced by online businesses, the start-up wanted to adopt a holistic scalable approach to managed security services. T-Systems provided a one-stop, cost-effective solution for global data protection through AWS which was in line with the client’s requirements.

With a centrally managed AWS account, Cargodian will be able to meet business goals, adhere to data protection requirements and ensure cost transparency. The AWS platform also provides enhanced security with managed access, secure network configurations, encryption and key management. From adding new workloads to the platform to building new products and processes, T-Systems has also proved to be a valuable partner for Cargodian. As an AWS expert, the company has built a strong working relationship with the client. T-Systems has provided a production platform that has allowed the client to select comprehensive services from the AWS cloud platform. The company will continue working and ensuring the delivery of innovative and reliable technology that delivers next-generation services to Cargodian with speed and agility.

The challenge was to implement our business model deploying state-of-the-art technology solutions fully cloud-based, accessible for our customers globally, applying European data governance. T-Systems’ consulting expertise in Data Protection on AWS and clarity of what measures are specifically relevant to our use case has been instrumental in helping us move forward at the right pace.

Peter Selmayr, Founder and CEO, Cargodian

The challenge

Cargodian is a start-up, founded by Peter Selmayr and Klaus Burkart, that offers a new, innovative digital platform for secure and efficient global trade with guaranteed and automated payments. An alternative to a letter of credit, the platform is designed to protect both the buyers and sellers by entering the respective trade chain of a mercantile trade transaction as an intermediary. The online platform, built on blockchain technology, ensures both trading partners secure financial settlement and allows a quality check for the delivered goods before the purchase price is paid in full. The smart contracts make it easier for small and medium-sized companies and simplify the letter of credit processes with halved costs and minimized risks.

As a start-up, Cargodian did not want to invest significant funds and resources into buying licenses and hardware. Therefore, they identified AWS as the perfect solution to take them to the next level and provide value for their platform. They needed automated solutions and uninterrupted business operations backed by robust Service Level Agreements; and proactive round-the-clock support to tackle outages, attacks, and performance issues.

Moreover, with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requiring all organizations that process personal data of EU data subjects to take appropriate measures to protect personal data, Cargodian was looking for a trusted partner with expertise in data protection.

The solution

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With industry-specific consultation, first-class cloud services and IT infrastructure solutions, T-Systems has been at the forefront of enabling Cargodian’s business model. The AWS cloud solutions enabled numerous opportunities for growth, efficiency, and the development of the start-up. According to the ISG’s Ecosystem Provider Lens™, T-Systems is one of the leading service providers for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Germany and has achieved numerous leader rankings in the categories of consulting services, migration services, and managed services.

As one of the most comprehensive cloud platforms, AWS ensures a faster pace of innovation and greater flexibility to start-ups such as Cargodian that needed the expertise for uninterrupted business operations and future growth. To supercharge its innovation capabilities, Cargodian uses blockchain functionality (“Hyperledger technology”) from the AWS platform for its service. T-Systems has helped Cargodian unlock this potential with AWS consulting and solutions. T-Systems has setup the landing zone with AWS network functions, such as load balancer and DNS resolution for customer specific pods in the Kubernetes Cluster.

The global design is approved and utilized in the US, EMEA and Asia. Security is ensured with a virtual private cloud (VPC) separated into a public and a private subnet including automated scaling of services and DNS translation from external to internal resources. A disaster recovery concept for business continuity is in place. Along with this, T-Systems has setup networking, resilient and fault design. The solution uses Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) with AWS Fargate and Elastic File Service (EFS). T-Systems has provided the development and operations platform via Managed Service for the company.

T-Systems also offers Data Protection as a Managed Service in the AWS Cloud and IT infrastructure support and maintenance for Cargodian. This includes Data Confidentiality with T-Systems who will provide guidance on what cloud encryption tools to use depending on the data classification to ensure that the right level of encryption is being applied to protect their data. The client can also easily manage tasks associated with controlling data access and location through a managed service. With all the security measures in place, Cargodian can ensure they adhere to AWS Security best practices. The preventive and detective guardrails enable the management of security features such as auto-compliance remediation and Security Incidence Response.

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