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ITG: Outsourcing of the basic SAP operations

ITG Informationstechnik Graz benefits from outsourcing commodity services to T-Systems

Flexible response to market changes


Ulfried Paier, the Managing Director of ITG Informationstechnik Graz GmbH, and Johannes Hochmeister, Head of SAP, talk about their collaboration with T-Systems in this video. Due to the increase in complexity in the SAP area, ITG was looking for a partner to outsource commodity services so that its own resources could be better deployed and focused.

Based on the convincing references, the regional proximity and the personnel resources, ITG decided on T-Systems as a partner. The first and most important step was both the migration of data from the legacy systems to the new servers at T-Systems and a major service pack upgrade of the systems. By outsourcing to T-Systems, peak server workloads can be handled much better.

What ITG appreciates about working with T-Systems is the technical expertise of the specialists at the T-Center on the one hand, and the fast response times and good personal contact with the contact persons on the other.

(Video in German with English subtitles. Please click “Settings” at the bottom right of the video to turn on English subtitles.)

Greater flexibility, more service and better market responsiveness

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