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Excellent customer service with conversational AI

The chatbot from e-bot7 uses AI – as well as flexible resources from the Open Telekom Cloud – to improve the customer experience

Benefits for the customer

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  • Secure, high-availability IT resources from a European public cloud
  • Protection of personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Implementation of industry-specific security and legal requirements

People and AI working together

Save time, increase efficiency: The chatbot, which is based on artificial intelligence (AI), answers simple and frequently asked questions completely automatically via various communication channels such as company websites and apps, messenger applications such as WhatsApp, or social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This enables the customer service teams to work more efficiently. Employees are able to devote more attention to individual customer concerns and solve complex issues in a sustainable manner.

Users can configure their own chatbot in just 30 minutes. The Open Telekom Cloud ensures back-end security and data protection. By doing so, we are reducing the barrier for companies to start using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Simon Huber, Head of Partners at e-bot7

Intelligent algorithms and data protection

e-bot7's AI platform intelligently analyzes all the information it receives and processes well over 60 million chat messages every year. The chatbot is constantly learning new answers based on the results from the big data analytics. This enables it to offer people increasingly better support, something that would not be possible without powerful computing and storage resources in the background. Since customer service communication often involves personal data, data protection and compliance with the law must be ensured. Both are crucial to the success of today's chatbot projects – without GDPR compliance, no chatbot will go live.

The challenge

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  • The conversational AI platform from e-bot7 is based on neural networks and machine learning and requires scalable computing and storage resources to train chatbots.
  • All data collected in the chat has to be processed and stored securely and in compliance with the GDPR.

Benefit from state-of-the-art technology

When it comes to chatbot operations, scalability is critical. The more requests they receive, the larger the amount of data they have to process. The Open Telekom Cloud gives the bot flexible access to cloud resources, enabling it to provide high-quality answers to all questions in the chat and securely store big data. T-Systems' public cloud ensures that e-bot7 always has access to the latest technology without having to invest in hardware and security.

The startup is also very well positioned in terms of security and data protection. The Open Telekom Cloud is subject to European law and complies with all requirements of the GDPR.

The right platform for your AI

Are you using artificial intelligence – or planning to do so – but don't have the right infrastructure? The Open Telekom Cloud keeps your AI running securely and enables flexible further development. Use a European public cloud to ensure that your work is GDPR compliant. Call now!

The solution

  • e-bot7 delivers its conversational AI to customers via the Open Telekom Cloud
  • It uses high-availability cloud services such as the Elastic Cloud Server and Object Storage Service
  • With powerful CPUs and GPUs, the AI platform can be scaled to any size

About e-bot7

We are building the next generation AI customer service platform – this is the credo of the Munich-based startup e-bot7, founded in 2016. The company employs over 100 people at its locations in Germany, Benelux, France, and Great Britain. Its customers include renowned corporations such as Audi, Deutsche Bahn, HDI, Miele, and Vaude.

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