Teck Castle at Kirchheim/Teck: town uses the BundesMessenger from the Open Telekom Cloud

Combining digitalization and sovereignty

The City of Kirchheim unter Teck uses the BundesMessenger from the Open Telekom Cloud

Sovereign digitalization for the City of Kirchheim unter Teck

Kirchheim unter Teck has recognized the value of digitalization when it comes to mastering the challenges the city faces. With its strong focus on sovereign IT solutions, T-Systems proved to be the right partner for driving the digitalization of government administration forward in Kirchheim unter Teck.

The challenge

  • Utilize the potential of digitalization for modern, real-time communication in government
  • Strict requirements for security
  • The solution must be modern and satisfy sovereignty aspects

The solution

  • BundesMessenger open-source software from BWI offers secure, encrypted communication (as a device-independent app)
  • The software is offered exclusively to public institutions (community approach)
  • T-Systems provides the BundesMessenger as SaaS from the Open Telekom Cloud
  • The SaaS is enriched with managed services (including updates and new releases)
  • T-Systems offers additional integration options for using internal IAM systems for user administration

The Managed BundesMessenger satisfies all the requirements that we have of a digital solution: it is modern, sovereign, and offers an excellent user experience.

Björn Eitelbuss, Deputy Area Director for Information and Communication Technology, City of Kirchheim unter Teck

Customer benefits

  • Modern, real-time communication with an enhanced user experience
  • Easy availability
  • Maximum sovereignty and data security
  • Transparent, usage-based costs

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About the City of Kirchheim unter Teck

Kirchheim unter Teck, a county seat in the foothills of the Swabian Mountains, is part of the greater Stuttgart region. The city is home to more than 40,000 residents. It serves as a middle center to the surrounding communities.

Kirchheim unter Teck

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