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The Ostseeklinik Schönberg-Holm introduces REHA.Complete as its clinic information system

Efficient IT support for processes in the rehabilitation clinic

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Not only does the team want to provide the best possible health care, but they also want to ensure patients can make a sustainable mental recovery. Some 260 employees want to provide a complete service and comprehensive patient care, so that patients can concentrate solely on their recovery. Of course, this also includes optimal organization and seamless processes during their stay in the rehabilitation clinic. T-Systems supports the Ostseeklinik team with its software solution REHA.Complete. The health specialist units Deutsche Telekom Clinical Solutions and Deutsche Telekom Healthcare Solutions worked with the employees of the clinic to set up and put the software from T-Systems Austria into operation.

Customer benefits: relieves the strain of routine tasks on employees

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REHA.Complete optimizes the processes within the rehabilitation clinic and relieves the strain of routine tasks on employees. With built-in intelligence and the billing information incorporated into the system, employees now have access to all the necessary information anytime, all in one place. For example, the catalogs of the payees, including services and classifications, as well as specific features of the clinic concerning billing, are all saved in the system. With all the relevant information at a glance, employees can concentrate fully on the care of their patients. 

The clinic information system also contributes significantly to optimal occupancy and therefore towards the profitability of the rehabilitation clinic. “In the market analysis, we determined that REHA.Complete is also one of the leaders in this functionality”, summarizes CEO Fettweiß. The additional funds generated by using the system can now be invested in patient-oriented service innovations. 

Further advantages:

  • specially designed software for rehabilitation clinics
  • comprehensive support for processes
  • web-based on every device with internet browser capability
  • full transparency through electronic patient files 
  • full support with introduction

Our contacts were very professional and solution-oriented throughout the entire project and took all of our concerns seriously. I see the trusting relationship that developed through the project as an important success factor in this complex project.

Thomas Fettweiß, CEO Ostseeklinik Schönberg-Holm

The challenge: high workload behind the scenes

Manual documentation, data searches, exchange of information between colleagues – good patient care produces a high workload. Workload that takes up working time. Working time that is lost from patient care. “We want to concentrate on the treatment of our patients. We see this as our core mission and want this focus to differentiate us.” explains Thomas Fettweiß, CEO of the Ostseeklinik. “To provide the best service, we need to use smart systems that reduce workload by taking over everything that disturbs our processes.” Patient orientation therefore requires efficient work environments for the Ostseeklinik team. At the same time, the Ostseeklinik also needs to work in a profitable way. “Our economic successes secure our power to innovate. In this respect, a high occupancy rate is essential for us.” This means that the clinic requires high bed occupancy and uptake of its services. Fettweiß would also like to have IT solutions to help with the identification of booking options and optimization of profits.

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The solution: implementation of REHA.Complete

The processes of the rehabilitation clinic are very different to those in a clinic for emergency or acute care. With REHA.Complete, T-Systems has created a solution that is perfectly designed for the processes in a rehabilitation clinic. The rehabilitation clinic information system is completely web-based. At the customer's request, it was installed on the clinic's own server and not in the cloud and can easily be used by all devices that have been authenticated by the internal network. REHA.Complete facilitates rigorous work processes. It follows the whole patient stay from admissions to billing. All information is collected in a central electronic patient file, including medical, therapeutic and organizational information. This means that all employees have complete patient transparency at all times. And REHA.Complete works with employees: on the basis of the indication, it suggests appropriate treatment steps. At the same time, the software relieves the strain of documentation on employees: it makes suggestions for the final report and recommended follow-up treatments. This saves the employees time that they would have otherwise spent doing these tasks.

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