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Hard facts from the Open Telekom Cloud

FORSIT's software helps SMEs to plan. Flexible resources for this purpose are provided by the Open Telekom Cloud

Confidence in security and data protection

Before the market launch of the new analytics software Canri in July 2020, IT provider FORSIT was looking for a stable cloud platform to securely offer the software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. Thanks to the flexibly scalable cloud services and the high data protection and security standards, FORSIT opted for the Open Telekom Cloud.

Benefits for the customer

  • The Open Telekom Cloud makes it possible to scale FORSIT's SaaS-based analysis software quickly and flexibly
  • Demand-based billing according to the pay-as-you-go model
  • The cloud solution offers the highest security standards and data security in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Smart monitoring of key financial figures

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Although digital solutions are become increasingly widespread in more and more business areas, many decision-makers in medium-sized companies are still flying blind when it comes to controlling their company, production or important projects. The reasons: They work with confusing Excel lists or rely on their tax advisor’s management analysis. They receive this every four weeks with data from the previous month. Are such figures updated daily and do they offer detailed insight into project margins and team performance? Definitely not.

This changes with cloud-based analysis software from Canri. Decision-makers get an overview of key figures from the application – in real time. This includes financial data, human resources, project and budget planning, sales figures from sales and marketing, and machine data from the network or production. Canri aggregates all information from different data sources, evaluates it, and presents the results clearly in dashboards. Using data analytics, a transparent basis is created enabling well-founded business decisions and long-term planning.

If our customers need to adhere to certain compliance guidelines, we set up a virtual private cloud for them and thus an isolated data room in the Open Telekom Cloud.

Matthias Piksa, Managing Director at FORSIT

Database power from the cloud

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As a classic software provider and IT service provider, FORSIT boasts many successfully completed projects and has extensive cloud expertise. “More than 90 percent of our projects and software developments are already cloud-based,” says Matthias Piksa, Managing Director of the FORSIT Group. There is very little demand for on-premises installations nowadays; customers are deliberately opting for the cloud instead. It was therefore soon clear that the new Canri analysis software should be developed and marketed as a SaaS solution.

​​​​​​​The challenge

  • Mid-sized customers demand the highest security and data protection standards
  • Wanted: a public cloud environment that can easily integrate and run containers such as Kubernetes and Docker
  • Moving from the development environment in Microsoft Azure to productive operation in the Open Telekom Cloud

We look forward to your project!

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Great confidence in the Open Telekom Cloud

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In the search for a high-performance productive environment for the software, the long-standing partner T-Systems brought the Open Telekom Cloud into play. Furthermore, the fact that the cloud solution complies with the highest security standards and that all data, such as key financial figures, remain in Germany was extremely well received by the first users. These are convincing arguments for SMEs who do not want their data to be in the hands of US cloud providers, where it could also migrate to non-EU countries. “As the brand behind the Open Telekom Cloud, T-Systems also generated a positive, confidence-inspiring effect among our customers,” says Piksa. It is hardly surprising that plans are already underway to offer Canri together with T-Systems as a partner solution in the Open Telekom Cloud in future.

Private cloud ensures compliance

Both FORSIT and Canri users benefit from the provision of new resources in the Open Telekom Cloud within a matter of seconds. Particularly interesting for data analysis: relational and NoSQL databases can be used as managed services in the Open Telekom Cloud. This means that FORSIT does not have to set up databases itself and perform costly maintenance or monitoring, but instead uses the corresponding cloud services, which can also be scaled flexibly if required. FORSIT is setting up a virtual private cloud in the Open Telekom Cloud especially for customers who want to analyze critical data in a separate cloud area. This enables customers to map their compliance requirements and securely process sensitive financial transactions or personal data.

The solution

  • The Open Telekom Cloud offers a flexibly scalable platform for operating and monitoring FORSIT's SaaS solution
  • With Virtual Private Cloud, clearly separated areas can be installed in the Open Telekom Cloud for end customers
  • The open-source public cloud based on OpenStack prevents vendor lock-in

The customer

Founded in 2015, the FORSIT Group is an amalgamation of several IT companies with a focus on software development, IT services and SAP consulting. The group's main locations are in Bonn and Mykolayiv in the Ukraine.

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