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White paper: Aerospace and defense

How the aerospace and defense sector is setting itself up for success with sustainable digital business models

A sector that’s driving innovation

The last few years have been characterized by economic, political, and ecological changes. For this reason, companies from the aerospace and defense sector in particular are researching climate-friendly propulsion technologies, resilient business models, and new ways to bring breakthrough innovations onto the market more quickly. A fundamental requirement for this is a complete digital transformation.

Here you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What are the current challenges faced by the sector?
  • How can the aerospace sector contribute to the achievement of climate goals?
  • How can higher resilience be achieved across the supply chain?
  • What can aerospace learn from the successful Industry 4.0 model?
  • How can new data-driven business models be identified?


Title page and three following pages of the white paper as a screenshot: Aerospace and defense

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