Company profile of T-Systems International GmbH, one of the leading ICT specialists headquartered in Frankfurt/Main
Innovation Management


New ideas and solutions are critical to lasting business success. This is especially true in the dynamic information and communications technology (ICT) environment. Against this background, a coherent, end-to-end innovation management process is an absolute must. In addition, developments in ICT are increasingly driving innovation across all industries. Trends such as digitization and Industry 4.0, an M2M initiative from the German government, are prime examples and key points of discussion for decision-makers and CIOs.

Systematic innovation management 

T-Systems partners with customers and suppliers to promote innovation for all stakeholders. We have a proven, systematic innovation management structure in place. Our goal is not just to keep in step with trends, but to proactively drive them. We leverage our own reliable, secure and powerful ICT infrastructure, as well as the resources available to us within the Deutsche Telekom Group, to explore areas where we have identified potential value added. T-Systems’ innovation management combines this top-down strategy with a rapid bottom-up approach – this involves evaluating the viability of concrete business proposals in conjunction with the latest technologies. We perform these tasks within the scope of a creative, agile process and with the help of realistic use cases. This allows us to gather hands-on experience in line with customers’ real-world needs and in accordance with the imperatives of rapidly changing markets. 

A collaborative approach that delivers actionable insights 

Direct interaction allows us to transfer our knowledge in innovation management, ICT, product development, and process and change management. Hand-in-hand with our customers and partners, we transform ideas into genuine solutions. Our innovation management methods focus on the active and open exchange of information with our customers and partners throughout the entire process– from initial concept development and prototypes, to testing in the production environment and inclusion of the finished solution to our standard portfolio. This ensures the results are cost-effective, practical, and tailored to our customer’s goals.

Cooperation with universities and research centers

We work with university and research centers to bridge the gap between technologies readily available on the market and leading-edge developments fresh from the sandbox. This benefits all parties involved. R&D specialists are exposed to real-world challenges. T-Systems, and our customers and partners, gain visibility into research, ideas, and prototypes relevant to our requirements. A key aim of our innovation management strategy is to accelerate time-to-market for new technologies.