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Fit for the future with new business models

Proceed actively instead of just reacting: How you can secure the future of your company with digital business models

Which business model will you be successful with tomorrow?

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In the past, people went to the cinema; today, movie and series fans subscribe to streaming providers. Vacationers used to book their trip at a travel agency; today, they do it themselves with a click via an online platform: Examples like these show that change and evolution never stop – and are currently accelerating rapidly as a result of digitalization. Accordingly, companies must adapt and integrate change firmly into their business DNA.

Focusing on the essentials: The customers

How will your industry change? What products and services will customers demand in the future? With the right technologies and digital strategies, you not only recognize the trends, but also act on them – with an agile business model that keeps you one step ahead of change. You offer products or services that meet customer needs. If these change, you adapt the business model flexibly. New touchpoints, payment models, and data-driven insights make it possible to build customer proximity and retain customers over the long term.

Create a successful business model again and again

At T-Systems, we accompany and support you on your journey to an agile enterprise and help transform your business model – regardless of industry, position or company size. We work closely with our partners to analyze their IT environment and create a structured, easily understandable transformation roadmap. Thanks to our extensive experience in implementing cloud migrations for various customers, we can support your transformation end-to-end, overcome operational challenges and increase value creation.

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At TSIN we have various projects which runs under AMM with highly skilled resources

What we do at TSIN AMM

  • In AMM we support L1 ,L2 L3  levels
  • Language Support 
  • End to end service 
  • Application Build and modernization 
  • Application Migration 
  • Application Monitoring and support 
  • Application Support T&T method Ambition® 4.0
  • Transformation of IT landscapes towards the Cloud
  • Constant screening of application landscapes for optimization

Our Delivery Model:

 Our delivery model

What Advantage:

Cost-effective delivery

  • Lower, predictable and transparent costs through standardization and consolidation
  • Flexible contract models and transparent billing
  • Best shoring – the best mix of onsite, nearshore and offshore most suitable for your company
  • Optimization of existing vendor contracts
  • Ticket reduction by automation and continuous service improvement

Higher Efficiency

  • 24/7 support for complex company applications over their entire life cycle
  • Anything from SAP, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft to tailor-made applications
  • Consistent global delivery model
  • E2E tooling and proactive monitoring

Agile transformation

  • Proven modernization methodology (analyze, consolidate, standardize)
  • Reliable and standardized approach to cloudification
  • Agile development for faster time-to-market of new business functionality
  • Experienced transition & change management
  • DevOps for continuous alignment of requirements and delivery

Work with the experts

Want to know more about future trends, how to stay ahead and make the most of your business transformation? Our experts will be happy to advise you. Just leave us a message and we will arrange a consultation at a time that suits you.

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