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The new normal needs a new model

Stop reacting, start getting ahead: transform your business’s future with an innovative, digitally-led business model

Identify the business model of tomorrow

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Once, we paid for a cinema ticket; now we pay for a monthly subscription to a streaming service. Once, we bought a car; now we hail a ride and pay for a one-off journey. They call it the ‘new normal’ – but in truth, the evolution will never cease. Adapting to large-scale shifts is a constant part of business, and life, today.

What shifts will take place in your industry? With the right technologies and digital insights, you can not only uncover the trends of the future, you can act on them – adopting a flexible, future-proofed business model that puts you ahead of change.

Leading the digital change with proven expertise

5 times

named as leader for Digital Business Solutions in Germany1

3 years

in a row named as leader in blockchain services1


for delivering digital CX services to power business model innovation1


with AWS, ServiceNow, VMware, SAP®, Salesforce, Microsoft and Google1

  • 1 

    ISG Provider Lens™ report “Digital Business – Solutions and Service Partners Germany, 2020”

White paper: Rethinking business models for a sustainable future

Learn how business models are evolving and why it’s vital to make the shift to digital.

Focus on what matters: The customer

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Businesses are moving their emphasis away from a traditional product-driven model towards one driven by customer demands. Today, customers value more than just product and price: they expect personalization, service, convenience, and sustainable credentials. The purpose of service-oriented, software and data-driven business models is to deliver all this: not selling merely a product, but an entire relationship based around solving customer needs. We are entering the age of customer-centricity, enabled by modernized IT systems using cloud computing and AI-powered analytics to their advantage.

Create a winning business model

At T-Systems, we are committed to making business model transformation a real possibility for every company, regardless of their industry or current position. We work closely with our partners to analyze their IT landscape and generate a structured, easy-to-follow transformation roadmap. And, since we have extensive experience putting cloud migrations into practice with a range of customers, we can manage the transformation end-to-end, handling the operational challenges and prioritizing value creation for the customer.

Transform to unlock growth

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Business model transformation is not a cause for worry – it is an opportunity when implemented efficiently and with the right partners. By moving to a digital ecosystem, businesses can discover new models and growth opportunities, without endangering their core processes. Digital tools can automate repetitive tasks and free key staff to focus on innovation, while providing insights of their own by delving into the data. By embracing transformation, even long-established businesses can act like a start-up: launching new services, expanding their offering and preparing for the future. 

White paper: mainframe migration to Azure

A robust cloud platform can pave the way for successful mainframe migration. Read our latest white paper to learn how to execute a successful and risk-free migration on Azure.


At TSIN we have various projects which runs under AMM with highly skilled resources

What we do at TSIN AMM

  • In AMM we support L1 ,L2 L3  levels
  • Language Support 
  • End to end service 
  • Application Build and modernization 
  • Application Migration 
  • Application Monitoring and support 
  • Application Support T&T method Ambition® 4.0
  • Transformation of IT landscapes towards the Cloud
  • Constant screening of application landscapes for optimization

Our Delivery Model:

 Our delivery model

What Advantage:

Cost-effective delivery

  • Lower, predictable and transparent costs through standardization and consolidation
  • Flexible contract models and transparent billing
  • Best shoring – the best mix of onsite, nearshore and offshore most suitable for your company
  • Optimization of existing vendor contracts
  • Ticket reduction by automation and continuous service improvement

Higher Efficiency

  • 24/7 support for complex company applications over their entire life cycle
  • Anything from SAP, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft to tailor-made applications
  • Consistent global delivery model
  • E2E tooling and proactive monitoring

Agile transformation

  • Proven modernization methodology (analyze, consolidate, standardize)
  • Reliable and standardized approach to cloudification
  • Agile development for faster time-to-market of new business functionality
  • Experienced transition & change management
  • DevOps for continuous alignment of requirements and delivery

Work with the experts

Want to know more about future trends, how to stay ahead and make the most of your business transformation? Our experts will be happy to advise you. Just leave us a message and we will arrange a consultation at a time that suits you.

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