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Get an AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

Uncover how your cloud infrastructure adheres to the architectural best practices

Optimize your cloud architecture with AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

Make your cloud architecture fool-proof and free of vulnerabilities. Reviewing the state of your cloud workloads with an AWS Well-Architected Framework Review and implementing best practices can help you discover untapped opportunities for cost reductions, improved application performance, and risk mitigation. Together with AWS, T-Systems offers the Well-Architected Review to give you this opportunity.

Identify high-risk issues in your workloads

The AWS Well-Architected Framework was specially developed to help cloud architects develop more fail-safe, better performing, and more efficient infrastructures for their applications.

Based on five pillars – operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization – AWS Well-Architected Framework Review provides a consistent way to evaluate architectures and implement designs that can scale over time.

The team at T-Systems comes with an in-depth training on the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review and can help you implement best practices.

We always aim to strive for excellence in the DTDL OneXP ecosystem. The Well Architected Review helped immensely in our optimization initiatives and enabled us with a renewed focus on our cloud engineering roadmaps across multiple products.

Abhishek Srivastava, Director – Platform & Operations Engineering at Deutsche Telekom Digital Labs (DTDL)

Get a cloud review

Looking to build a secure and optimal cloud landscape? Our expert AWS team can help you with a detailed Well-Architected Review of your AWS cloud architecture. Get in touch!

Six pillars of AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

  • Operational excellence: Optimization and monitoring of systems for continuous improvement of the value chain.
  • Security: Measures for safeguarding confidentiality and data integrity to avert security breaches.
  • Reliability: Error notification and prompt, automated restoration of systems in the event of an outage ensure high reliability.
  • Performance Efficiency: Optimal usage of AWS resources, including for fluctuating demand and various system requirements and technologies.
  • Cost optimization: Conducting an extensive analysis and adaptation of resources to avoid/reduce unnecessary costs.
  • Sustainability: Evaluating your workloads to reduce their energy consumption and improve their efficiency.

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Benefits offered by AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

AWS Partner Network – Premier Consulting Partner

Businesses that choose an AWS Well-Architected Framework Review with T-Systems can use cloud environments and functions as effectively and efficiently as possible, scale their applications flexibly, and thereby fulfill all important security aspects simultaneously. The tangible added value includes:

  • Quicker development and provision of applications
  • Reduction of risks
  • Well-founded decisions
  • Learning from AWS best practices
  • Evaluation from an impartial “third party”
  • Development of a continuous improvement plan

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