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Modernizing the financial services industry and streamlining processes with future-proof IT infrastructures

Digital expertise for financial service providers

The digital transformation of the financial sector has clear goals: more efficient processes, cost savings, and new, improved services. But getting there is not without its obstacles. Increasing regulatory requirements and legacy infrastructures often stand in the way of digitalization through new technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, or automation. T-Systems offers future-proof solutions for data centers, branches, and central core processes to strike a balance between compliance and digital innovation.



Multi-Cloud for SAP

From private to multi-cloud; this allows you to orchestrate cloud platforms and SAP® service as end-to-end solutions.

Application Services

Cloud Application Services help companies get more from their app landscape and automate IT support.

Mainframe Services

How companies can modernize business-critical legacy mainframes and future-proof their IT.


Increasing performance with a blockchain solution.


Customer success

Seize opportunities, go digital

The digital transformation offers opportunities to modernize financial services and reduce costs with intelligent business processes. This enables companies in the financial sector to achieve greater efficiency. Our experts will be happy to show you how. Give us a call!

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