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Security measures offer greater cloud resilience

Most companies are aware of the threat posed by cybercriminals and are using various tools and technology to combat it. But patchwork solutions often pose a further security risk and open up opportunities for hackers: they capitalize on the uncertainty of employees and are able to identify weaknesses more easily. Akamai's holistic approach delivers complete protection from a single source – for your customers, partners, and employees.

Cloud security: always and everywhere

Working remotely is becoming increasingly common, and scenarios in which employees need to access business data from outside the company have long been part of everyday life. With Akamai's Secure Cloud Communication Services (SCCS), users can directly and securely access applications in the cloud from anywhere over the internet – without being routed through the corporate network. SCCS utilizes Akamai's global edge service infrastructure and can be implemented as a cloud-based service quickly.

Employ a zero-trust approach for cloud security solutions

Akamai Secure Cloud Communication Services (SCCS) provide market-leading zero-trust services alongside many other network security features such as Secure Web Gateways (SWG), Firewall as a Service (FaaS), Threat Protection Services, and end-to-end encryption. This is how SCCS offers end-to-end security for cloud applications: traffic is monitored, phishing and malware attacks are identified, and sensitive data is protected. As a result, SCCS increases the flexibility of cloud services without compromising on security or performance.

Global network, global solutions, global performance

Security in the cloud

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