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Rethink the system

Our investment in a more sustainable and climate-neutral future

Can’t we do more with less?

This is one of the key questions for a more sustainable future. This is why T-Systems is fundamentally challenging the status quo to actively promote change. After all, tomorrow’s climate targets cannot be achieved using yesterday’s technologies. In order to combine digital growth with investment in sustainability, T-Systems is supporting companies in their digital, sustainable transformation.

Global regulation and sustainable change in awareness

New climate protection targets and regulatory stipulations are placing companies’ focus on sustainability. For example, net zero emissions, ecological transformation and climate neutrality are becoming the most important strategic targets for top management. The prerequisite for this is innovation, a green value chain and a sustainable, digital transformation that are influenced by ecological factors such as greenhouse gas emissions, CO2 certificates and mobility concepts. A change in awareness is also guiding the behavior of consumers, investors and employees.

Sustainable transformation

Our trendbook shows how responsible digitalization is turned into climate investment, and how you can speed it up.



Supply Chain Transparency Suite

The solution not only helps meet legal duties but also frees up time to improve human rights in your supply chains.

Airport Management

As a master system integrator, T-Systems provides end-to-end solutions for airport operations.

Open Telekom Cloud

Flexible and reliable: Use infrastructure as a service (IaaS) from our highly secure German data centers.

Managed Application Retirement Services

Migrate data from any legacy application to a secure, read-only cloud platform.

AMBIKA – EV Charging Station Management Solution

We are digitalizing and automating the process of EV station rollout and station management.

Multi-Cloud for SAP

From private to multi-cloud; this allows you to orchestrate cloud platforms and SAP® service as end-to-end solutions.


Success stories

Becoming greener together

Reviewing the challenges of today and the status quo. T-Systems supports your digital transformation towards greater sustainability.

Digital growth and sustainable business

We can drive your corporate sustainability forward by supporting the digital transformation of your company – from consulting and strategy to the operation of innovative technologies. Our industry expertise helps in making decisions when it comes to climate neutrality and environment, as well as combining ecological measures with progress and business success. We guarantee provider independence, sovereignty and transparency and offer certified sustainable #GreenMagenta solutions.

Our objective: the green zero

Deutsche Telekom wants to become a climate-neutral company. To do this, we’re optimizing the CO2 balance sheet, reducing direct and indirect emissions. These will be down to zero within the Group by 2025, and along the entire value chain by 2040. We are shaping our business fleet to be sustainable, are switching to electric cars across the globe, thus saving CO2 emissions. We are choosing green IT and recycling, working on projects and services for greater sustainability. We are operating our data centers fully using green energy. To do this, in 2021, we joined the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact.

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