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Are you wondering whether the needs of your customers will still be the same tomorrow? How current trends will impact your sector? Or how technological progress is changing value streams? Then you have come to the right place! With the services of the T-Systems Innovation LAB, you don't wait for trends to happen, you help to shape them!

From idea to concept, from concept to strategy

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Whether you have an innovative idea, an unsolved problem, or a raw product concept, we focus on your end customers first. That's why we begin all of our projects with problem analysis. What do your customers really need and will this change in future? What are the current market trends and where is there new potential? What are the existing use cases?

As soon as we are familiar with the problem, we will develop a tailored solution together with you. This could also mean radically rethinking your product portfolio, your mix of technologies, or your innovation strategy. And the best part? You can implement innovations with minimal risk; we validate the potential of digital innovations directly using real prototypes.

Start-up mindset meets tech expertise

As a start-up within T-Systems, we bring the mindset, skills, and resources needed to guide you securely through this innovation process. And where does this journey lead? Our team of tech experts brings to life what we call “digital superpowers.” For example, when innovation consultation, cloud expertise, IoT experience, and modern software development are combined, the result is something truly exceptional.

Internet of Things

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Our IoT projects are diverse and layered. In addition to traditional IoT use cases, we have a great passion for special IoT challenges of all sizes. The more complex the challenge, the greater the benefits of using our rapid prototyping approach: we make your IoT solution tangible by using real hardware in our labs right from the start. In this way, our experts help to validate your ideas and unleash your digital superpower with the right mix of technologies.


Visual service offer of the cloud

We approach problems with cloud-native thinking that combats vendor lock-in. In this way, we help you to leverage the full scaling potential of your cloud solutions. The hybrid cloud is a real superpower for new business models – it doesn't simply facilitate automation, redesign, and refactoring, it is also secure by design.  

For all multi-cloud opportunities, the Innovation LAB Team is on hand to offer advisory services and help find the right solution for your individual needs.

Innovation consulting and design thinking

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What makes for a successful innovation consultation? From our perspective, there is no universal solution here, as the level of complexity varies considerably for each individual use case. Our core expertise is in reducing the complexity of your idea and transforming it into a concrete vision. Thanks to our rapid prototyping approach, your idea will literally become tangible within the shortest possible time. Incremental improvements will then be made together with you and your customers. Like a navigation system, we lead you through the entire process with an end-to-end approach.

Software development

Visual service offer on SW development

As digital natives, we love new technologies. That's why we have a complete team of top software developers who can bring your idea to life! At T-Systems, software development isn't limited to standard offerings – specialized solutions are our thing. What's the key to our success here? When a start-up mentality is combined with the diverse assets of our Magenta group, the resulting creativity knows no bounds.

Intelligent solutions

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When conventional algorithms reach their limits, our data science experts are on hand to help you leverage the true potential of your company. Thanks to machine learning (ML) we can look at the world through different eyes: connections and patterns become visible and insights are gained on entirely new levels. One key strength of our Innovation LAB is that we apply machine learning across various technologies – in connection with IoT and cloud computing, for example. In this way, we help you to get the best from your data and your business.


Visual service offer on connectivity

Connectivity is without a doubt the core of our digital world. No innovative technologies would be able to leverage their true potential without it. Connectivity of the highest quality is a fully integrated part of Deutsche Telekom and forms the foundation for all our projects. This allows us not only to provide first-rate services, but also ensures that the entire ecosystem encompassing these services is perfectly networked.

Data security and privacy

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Digital innovations that enjoy long-term success are inconceivable without appropriate data security and data protection standards. For us, customer orientation means that customers can place their full trust in our solutions. Consequently, we ensure that for each topic and at each level of maturity of our projects, all data are protected.

Streaming video games inside your vehicle? Check!

With our in-car gaming prototype, we are taking a further step toward software-based cars. This means video games no longer need to be installed in the vehicle, but can be streamed directly from the cloud thanks to connectivity. In our demo, Tim Laine and Benjamin Burkhardt from the Innovation LAB demonstrate how in-car gaming can look in practice. Waiting at the charging point has never been so much fun!

Welcome to the Innovation LAB showroom in Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Photo from a promotional video shoot for the Leinfelden-Echterdingen site

In our showroom near Stuttgart, Germany, you can expect solutions, prototypes and technology studies from T-Systems' Automotive portfolio with a focus on Connected Mobility and Manufacturing Industries. Experience the potential of new technologies such as Digital Twin, Industrial IoT, Edge Computing, AI / Machine Learning, XR / Metaverse, Computer Vision and 5G. The Innovation LAB Showroom inspires – and is fun! In addition to informative tours along our showcases, we also offer playful elements and emotional moments – including recording or streaming with our professional video equipment if desired.

Booster for your innovations

Do you have an idea? Are you facing a complex challenge? Perhaps you are looking for help navigating the digital labyrinth of opportunities? Get in touch!

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