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Travelers often make bookings and payments in advance using their PC or smartphone – in compliance with travel policy and in just a few clicks. Where hotel accommodation is concerned, at least, and your employer has chosen HRS as the provider. The digital service provider specializes in bookings for business travelers and not only offers a reservation tool, but also takes care of all processes and services related to their business travelers’ hotel stays. “We also negotiate corporate rates for our clients and file the individual companies’ travel expense limits in our portal,” says Managing Director Tobias Ragge. Furthermore, HRS provides advice on accommodation options and handles the entire billing process. This all-round service is what makes HRS one of the world’s leading providers of complete solutions in the business travel industry.

Customer benefits: Identify attacks early and mount a defense

The cyber security experts are able to detect attacks at an early stage and provide support for the appropriate defense strategies. This ensures the highest possible level of protection for both infrastructure and customer data. Telekom's shared service model provides HRS with the solution at an impressive price for the quality of the service.

“When the specialists at Deutsche Telekom identify imminent threats to our infrastructure, they immediately initiate emergency response procedures that we have developed together,” says Jochen Jaser. “To do this, the experts document all conspicuous processes, along with other things, and advise our IT colleagues on an effective defense strategy.” After the first few months using the solution, it is clearly evident that it not only allows HRS’s IT department to process more alarms, but it has also made the process faster and more efficient.

The security experts at Telekom’s Security Operations Center support us with their vast, long-standing experience.

Jochen Jaser, Chief Information Officer at HRS

The challenge: IT security as a managed service

HRS is committed to increasing the IT security of its systems, optimally protecting its customers’ data, and meeting high certification standards. The company strives to detect, analyze, and defend against attacks at an early stage – without having to make enormous investments or recruit experts.

In order to be able to provide this comprehensive package, more and more personal data are being processed with the increase in digitalization. The number of devices used by solution providers’ employees around the world is also on the rise. There is also a growing number of hacker attacks. “Our IT infrastructure is essential to our business. Our entire business model depends on its performance and security,” says Jochen Jaser, Chief Information Officer at HRS. That is why HRS is always working on digitalization and consistently developing its IT security.

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The solution: cyber defense as a shared service

HRS relies on services such as Managed Cyber Defense from Telekom’s Security Operations Center (SOC). Log files from all HRS devices are consolidated using a security information event management (SIEM) platform and software tailored specifically to the hotel specialist’s IT infrastructure in order to detect cyberattacks on the corporate network at an early stage. Security-relevant log data from the HRS systems is monitored by the SOC around the clock, with up to 10,000 security-related incidents processed per second. Security software and security experts analyze them. The data analysts also use information on current cyber threats (threat intelligence information) from a variety of internal and external sources at Deutsche Telekom, thereby enhancing the quality and specificity of the analyses.

Cost savings thanks to shared services

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Specialists notify the HRS IT team of critical events around the clock and provide information on the risk situation. “It’s both difficult and very expensive for us as a medium-sized company to hire specialists with this level of expertise because of the shortage of skilled workers.” HRS also achieves cost savings by utilizing SOC services as shared services. Resources can be shared with other users in strict compliance with data protection laws. “Deutsche Telekom is a partner that fully meets our requirements. Not only do they have in-depth knowledge of security, but the company also knows the German SME sector and the e-commerce sector very well.”

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