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AWS Security Services

Shield your workloads and applications on AWS cloud with comprehensive security services from T-Systems

Get rid of the security bottlenecks on AWS

AWS Security Services provided by T-Systems address a high level of security and minimize risk with continuous, value-driven monitoring, management and intelligence backed by global expertise. We optimize the value of existing security investments while delivering continuous near real-time asset visibility, monitoring of security best practices and compliance, and analysis and management of cloud resource configurations.

Secure complex environments with a trusted cloud landing zone

AWS Partner Network – Premier Consulting Partner

As a managed service provider and AWS Premier Partner, T-Systems provides comprehensive security services for AWS operating environments. T-Systems managed AWS Landing Zone solution includes a Hardened Security Baseline that can be used as a starting point for establishing and implementing a customized account security for your organization. Our standardized Managed Cloud Landing Zones are always up-to-date, secure, consistent, and scale at speed. They provide a foundation to get started with a multi-account architecture, identity and access management, governance, data security, network design, and logging.

White paper: Security and compliance with AWS

Security concerns when deploying AWS? This white paper shows how to deploy AWS in a compliant manner.

Explore our Managed Security Services on AWS

With T-Systems Managed Security Services portfolio you can solve all the security challenges in your cloud environment. Our AWS experts can guide you at every step. Watch this video to explore full range of our security services.

Enhance security on AWS

Facing security issues on cloud? Need more information about AWS Security Services? Our expert team can help. Get in touch.

Making systems compliant and safe in real-time

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T-Systems offers a 360° view of security around servers, networks, operating system, serverless applications and AWS API layers. It includes centralized logging and analytics and regulatory compliance within an automated platform. We accomplish this by integrating security events across multiple data sources including logs, events, network flows, user activity, vulnerability, and threat intelligence into a single pane of glass. This provides customers with deep insights into key AWS threat vectors including cloud misconfigurations, policy changes, and suspicious user activity. This is further supported by AWS Security Audits and Well-Architected Reviews.

Take a look at our AWS offerings

Leverage the T-Systems Security Services

T-Systems Security Services on AWS help you make your cloud resilient in the face of rising security breaches by embedding pre-emptive controls. Some key features include:

  • Trusted Cloud Landing Zone, integrating preventive and detective guardrails
  • Shielding of valuable data streams
  • Thread detection, auto compliance remediation and Security Incident Response
  • Use security best practices by design
  • Consistent monitoring and 24/7 availability
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