Leverage the advantages of containers in the cloud

Increase your agility with Managed Cloud Container Services on AWS based on Kubernetes

Containers make the cloud world go round

Containers are a major component for the successful implementation of a cloud-native strategy but many IT teams struggle to deploy container management due to lack of skills and expertise – and they fear additional management efforts; not to mention additional long-term costs for licenses. Furthermore, containers present special challenges with regard to security. Do you have the appropriate skills to operate them securely?

Use containers without additional burdens

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With T-Systems' Managed Cloud Container Services (MCCS) on AWS, you can rely on a bundle of services that unleashes the power of containers for your enterprise. Our MCCS bundle comprises: Managed Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS), Red Hat OpenShift (ROSA) and – for those who already jumped on the container/Kubernetes bandwagon – a well-architected review for Amazon EKS. These services allow for a cost-efficient usage of containers and give enterprise access to certified container  expertise in AWS. Furthermore, the MCCS are deeply integrated with AWS services.

Managed Kubernetes – beyond simple containers

Kubernetes is the benchmark for container orchestration. With MCCS, enterprises can use Kubernetes as part of AWS ROSA. Alternatively, AWS cloud offers a platform-native variant with its Amazon EKS. Both services are provided quickly, on demand, and with complete scalability. There is no need to purchase licenses. Additionally, Managed EKS comes with additional AWS services to automate and ensure efficient and secure container usage: Key Management Service, IAM (Identity and Access Management), Cloud Watch, Open Search, and Prometheus.

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) for Application Modernization

Amazon ECS is a powerful tool that can streamline your deployment, management, and scaling of containerized applications. As a fully managed container orchestration service, it simplifies the process of running applications in containers by handling the underlying infrastructure for you. With the help of T-Systems container experts, you can leverage Amazon ECS to modernize your applications and implement a microservice-based architecture that is scalable, highly available, and ready for the future. By combining Amazon ECS with other relevant AWS services, you can build a robust and efficient application that meets the needs of your business. In addition, AWS Proton amplify platform engineering impact by implementing scalable self-service capabilities for developers and accelerate adoption of DevOps best practices within your team.

Review your existing container landscape

You are using containers and Kubernetes in the AWS cloud, but not sure whether you deployed up-to- date best practices and security for Amazon EKS? Revisit your container deployment and consult with an AWS Premier Partner. Our certified experts will conduct a well-architected review for EKS and evaluate your container workloads in a structured way to find potential for optimization.

We are happy to have chosen the managed EKS offer from T-Systems. It enables us to focus on application    development, while being sure that everything runs on a secure infrastructure. The onboarding went smoothly, and the T-Systems colleagues took care of meeting all our specific requirements in a very short timeframe.

Kai Kreuzer, Product Owner, Deutsche Telekom

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