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Our colleagues are connecting objects, bringing the Internet into the car, and making our homes smart. What's more, we are creating digital lifelines for society, shaping the digital world of tomorrow, and setting trends for the digital work of the future. We have an exciting future for you. Join one of industrie's most innovative employers and become part of our team! 
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The new proximity to people, brands and markets
We are maintaining our long-term position in the market with end-to-end digitization and IT transformation.
We have around 37,900 employees all over the world, around half of them outside Germany in America, Asia, Africa and Europe. It is clear that globalization, digitization and worldwide networking are not just changing our business processes but our working life too. Mobile working, flexible working hours and job sharing are becoming increasingly important. And this is exactly why we need qualified, satisfied employees with good business skills. This is why we are not just investing in developing our data centers, networks and technologies, but also offering our staff lifelong development opportunities. We will facilitate your path toward an expert or executive career and we are convinced that change brings new opportunities for development and innovation. People who aim to deliver great performance will flourish and innovate.

Who we need

We are looking for co-workers who can think outside the box and who are willing to explore unusual avenues. We want persuasive, outstanding individuals with a superior service orientation who are prepared to look at things from different angles and question the status quo. You are a team player and you will bring curiosity and enthusiasm to the job.
„Best place to perform and grow – recognize performance and provide opportunities“
Guiding Principle
Just your thing: Where are the Digital Universe boundaries, what comes after real time networking in our vehicles? How can we protect ourselves from cyber attacks, when all information and communication technology is part of cyberspace? You do not need to have an answer ready, but you should know what is going on in the ICT sector. And, as a team player, you will enjoy the occasional evening social beer.
We guarantee:  Our jobs are as exciting and varied as our business. Using our Job Search digitization enthusiasts, fans of the Internet of Things, app creators, Big Data visionaries and cloud computing and network experts will find all the information they need to begin a career with T-Systems.

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