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Money might not bring happiness, but it does make life easier. Because we want you to be able to focus fully on the tasks at hand, we support you with an attractive salary and numerous benefits.
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Our benefits at a glance.

Our working world is undergoing a constant change process. Digitization will lead to far-reaching changes at many levels in our lives. Autonomy with respect to time management is increasingly important, people are very conscious again of personal development and evolution, and pensions are a key part of life planning. Given these vital issues and many others, T-Systems has considered its staff and offers attractive benefits:
Should they suffer from sickness or an accident, our staff continue to be paid their full salary for up to 6 weeks. Under special conditions the salary can be paid up to 26 weeks.
Group accident insurance policies are voluntary social benefits provided by the employer, and they provide supplementary protection round the clock, anywhere in the world, in working or leisure time and for a group of people.
We encourage and demand your own initiative in terms of your personal development at every level. For more on this, go to our Entry & Development page.
We offer Group Health and Term Insurance.
If you want to maintain your standard of living after retirement, you should think about your old-age pension in time. T-Systems supports its workforce with different models such as Provident Fund, Gratuity & Leave encashment as per the government norms.

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