Mit Dealer Management Systemen unterstützt T-Systems Autohäuser kompetent im Kundenmanagement.
Sales & After Sales Solution



  • High flexibility for car dealers in rapidly changing markets
  • Better administration of key financial figures and sales data
  • Recording and monitoring of customer satisfaction
  • End-to-end services help dealers focus on core business
  • Seamless access to OEM applications and data 
  • Varied functions help improve revenue and utilization
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Dealers today must offer more tailored services, be more customer-focused and more efficient in order to compete. Manufacturers and their dealer organizations therefore place exacting requirements on their IT. Flexibility is key to business success. The more efficiently information is processed and employees use data, the more productive the core business becomes. The T-Systems innovative business process solutions for sales and service provide dealers with a decisive competitive edge.


Buyers are becoming more demanding – the customer expects an emotional experience when buying and having their car serviced. A personal touch and flawless customer care are crucial in the dealership. The entire workforce must play its part: at the reception counter, in sales, in service, in the parts and accessories department, in marketing, in telemarketing, in complaints processing right through to accounts. The customer is at the center of everything the business does – embraced across the board by all functions. T-Systems helps the car dealer choose, roll out and operate dealer management systems (DMS). The portfolio ranges from standard solutions such as Incadea and proprietary DMS software for use in the dealership (alphaplus, VAUDIS, CustomerOne) to modular, cloud-based solutions in collaboration with Salesforce and others.

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BMW Autohaus Block am Ring
Germany’s longest-standing BMW dealer outlet opened its doors in Braunschweig in 1896 as a bicycle shop. Shortly afterwards, BMW motorcycles were added to the sales portfolio. Today around 250 staff work at seven locations.

The challenge

  • Centralized dealer management system for all seven dealer outlets
  • Eliminate duplicated data, minimize sources of error
  • Generate valid data for controlling at all times
  • Bundle all processes relevant for customers
  • Accelerate networking with BMW standard processes

The solution

  • MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) network between the dealer outlets
  • Centralized dealer management system (DMS) BMW incadea.engine®
  • Standardized customer and vehicle master in a single SQL database
  • Interfaces to the service modules in the BMW main plant
  • Rollout including employee training and service by T-Systems

the benefits

  • Automated parts ordering via interface to BMW
  • Controlling reports and analyses in real time
  • Solution certified and licensed by BMW
  • Error rate falls from eight to under three percent
  • Sales and service processes up to three times faster
  • Other company sites can be integrated as required
Autohaus Schade u. Sohn
Whether the owner of a Mercedes-Benz in Hesse has their car checked in the workshop or a tradesman in Thuringia brings their Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles van in for repair – personal service is the trump card that sets Autohaus Schade u. Sohn apart throughout the region. The family-run business sells around 600 commercial vehicles, 1,500 used cars and 500 trucks and vans together with the associated workshop hours every year.

the challenge

  • Map workflows for VW brands in the ICT
  • Provide the ICT required for a VW service partner
  • Support for use of two dealer management systems in parallel
  • Support information sharing with Volkswagen
  • Create interfaces to standard applications

the solution

  • Roll out the VaudisPro software solution
  • Integrate the centralized VaudisPro terminal server into the IT
  • Connect an existing CRM solution to the dealer management system
  • Networking VaudisPro with the financial accounting

the benefits

  • Support VW customers including workshop services
  • Customer and vehicle master data are stored centrally
  • Operational data can be analyzed at any time
  • Record all workshop times for each specific order
  • Data from VaudisPro can be used for marketing campaigns
  • Solution can be extended rapidly to other locations
Autohaus Rittersbacher
Tradition and progress have always been closely intertwined at Autohandelsgesellschaft Rittersbacher in Kaiserslautern. 450 employees in eleven company outlets at nine locations turn individual mobility into a special experience.

the challenge

  • Standardized ICT in new and existing company sites
  • Transparent material and financial flows
  • Store vehicle data, parts catalogs or work figures centrally
  • Integrate SAP financial accounting into the new ICT infrastructure
  • Flexible analysis options across dealer outlets and brands

the solution

  • Gradually roll out VaudisPro dealer software across all locations
  • Provide server hardware for further migrations
  • Centralized database stores all process, product and customer data
  • Create SAP interface for financial accounting and payroll data
  • Train users beforehand

the benefits

  • Information is available centrally in the VaudisPro databases
  • Analyses are possible across all dealerships and brands
  • Order-specific time recording VauTime makes billing easier
  • VauCash automatically posts all recorded cash receipts
  • Minimal training requirement, short induction periods
Autohaus Eggers
With its three city locations and around 100 employees, the state-of-the-art dealership Autohaus Eggers is a benchmark for Volkswagen dealers in Germany. The family-run business founded in 1964 has won the “VW TOP Partner Customer Satisfaction” award several times.

the challenge

  • Roll out a new dealer management system
  • Plan and conduct migration, train employees
  • Replace outdated hardware without disrupting operations
  • Increase employee productivity in daily operations
  • Support strategic decisions with precise operating data

the solution

  • Roll out the T-Systems dealer management system VaudisPro
  • Migration of the centralized customer and vehicle master file
  • Test migration beforehand
  • Preconfigured new server replaces old hardware

the benefits

  • Switchover on the effective date within three hours
  • Operational analyses now support strategic decisions
  • Automatic data backups replace manual backups
  • Similarities with the previous system ensure minimal training requirement
  • Improves customer advice and workshop services


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CustomerOne, the premium customer management solution, supports sales, service and customer care processes in every respect. The focus is on the customer’s requirements and wishes: up-to-date customer files, reports and cockpits summarize all the information from sales, marketing, service and accounts. Integration with dealer management systems and third-party systems turns CustomerOne into the centerpiece of the dealer’s IT system. So employees gain an all-round picture and can interact with each customer individually. Management can, in turn, measure performance thanks to comparability and transparency, and introduce optimizations selectively.
Users plan all communications sent via the system – from the campaign, the mailshot to the individual telephone call. CustomerOne schedules, conducts or delegates and monitors the activities, such as lead processing, regular courtesy calls, tasks, complaints processing, phone calls or test drive planning. Comprehensive process support enables sales executives and service advisers to focus on what counts: their customers.


Dealer requirements vary depending on the size and brand affiliation. Some require extensive in-house solutions such as CustomerOne. Others have been using their own solutions for many years, but want to integrate new modules, such as mobile service reception or a time management system, into specific areas of the business. The T-Systems automotive experts focus squarely on their customers and offer the extensive DMS software as well as a broad selection of other solutions. Where necessary they provide full IT management by operating all solutions in the cloud. Or they implement supplementary modules such as financial accounting and conduct workshops on sales and aftersales processes on the customer’s premises. Consultants adopt the “Plan, build and run” principle to everything they do for customers in the dealership – always aiming to optimize processes so that the dealer’s customers are more satisfied and remain loyal.

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