T-Sytems bietet verschiedene Lösungen für Services im Bereich Sales- und Aftersales für die Automobilbranche.

Sales & After Sales Services

Sales & after sales service: digital and customer-oriented

T-Systems offers a variety of solutions for services in the field of sales and after sales for the automotive sector.

Digitization enables transformed value creation.

  • A 360° view of the customer
  • Digitization makes business processes flexible
  • Manufacturers become service providers
  • Portal knowhow generates new sales channels
  • Transformation consulting
  • Vertical and horizontal system integration
Big Data in Automotive
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Using digitization and exciting customers

Digitization is causing major transformational pressure in sales and after sales services. There have never been so many ways to focus on customers and offer them tailored services before, during and after their purchasing decision. Whether the object in question is a car, manufacturing plant or wind turbine, sales and after sales processes must always focus on the customer if they are to achieve and maintain a consistently high level of satisfaction. Digitizing value chains opens up an entirely new dimension of customer interaction. This applies to plant engineers and operators, as well as to car manufacturers and dealers.

Changed customer requirements

More than 80% of all customers use social and digital media and web 3.0 to search for, select and decide on a vehicle. Mobile end devices are increasingly playing a central role in this. Car dealerships today have to adapt to these communication channels and make information available to their customers through these commonly used platforms.
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Customer Experience Management
CEM Automotive is a digital and mobile platform that connects all the relevant players.

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When the customer is present in the showroom, innovative and above all situation-specific forms of dialog are required. Information and offers in real time with no delay are crucial to the sales and after sales service. However, mobile solutions not only play a part in the process of purchasing automobiles – industry also benefits from this trend and is able to build on it. For example, operators of plants and machines can use remote access and mobile control to conduct complex maintenance activities. Real-time support employing digital documentation is the central issue for sales and after sales services and the key to success. The range of new opportunities can be extended almost at will, and T-Systems offers consulting services that will ensure the digital transformation is successful.

New automobile experiences

For dealers, digitization calls for a new mindset – “digital thinking.” IT must not be seen as a cost factor but as a tool to generate revenue growth. Correctly networked, it can provide dealers with a 360° view of the customer and offers customers new digital ways of interacting and added value in purchasing a car and workshop service. The experts from T-Systems contribute their integration skills and specialized automotive solutions that combine cloud technologies with industry know-how. They accompany the entire customer journey and use the latest technology to provide customers with sales and service offerings on their mobile devices in the real or virtual showroom or in the car. In this way, dealers are giving their customers an entirely new purchasing and service experience and raising the customer experience in sales and after sales service to a completely new dimension.

Customer-oriented dealer processes

State-of-the-art modular Dealer Management Systems (DMS) are vital. The solutions from T-Systems cover the entire process chain of a car dealership – from the CRM system and sales to maintenance and repairs – with seamless integration into the manufacturers’ systems. They focus on gaining and retaining customers throughout the entire value creation chain of sales and after sales services.

End-to-end maintenance

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Next Generation Maintenance
The digital transformation in the service phase. End-to-end intelligent maintenance.

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T-Systems supports its customers across all industries in digitizing their maintenance and servicing processes thanks to a high-quality service lifecycle-management portfolio. The potential for savings and process improvements is particularly high for plants, machinery and other capital goods with long service lives. Predictive maintenance represents just one element of the complete end-to-end thinking behind Next Generation Maintenance. Comprehensive sensors, analytical methods from the domains of big data and smart data and intelligent service planning are intertwined so that the plants can be operated reliably, cost-effectively and sustainably. This goes all the way to “closing the loop” with continuous improvement of products and production through feedback into engineering and product design. All the modules thus form individual sales and after sales service processes. They are quickly ready for use and expandable. And thanks to the cloud, the investment costs are reasonable.

Seamless integration of new technologies

Whether it is a new CRM system, web portal, analytics or maintenance system, there can be no doubt that professional integration into the system landscape is essential for optimizing the service process in favor of the customer. This applies to on-premise installations and for implementing cloud services of all kinds. With more than 600 sales and after sales experts worldwide, T-Systems is an experienced systems integration partner for companies and supports them with consulting, implementation and operation of sales and after sales services for transformation into the digital world.