Travel, Transport & Logistics

Actively manage traffic and transport

Businesses that transport passengers or freight by rail, road or air need to make best possible use of available resources. Seamlessly integrated applications that capture, consolidate and analyze data from multiple sources in real time – in combination with predictive operations – can maximize asset utilization, streamline processes, enhance the customer experience, and cut costs.

Digitizing travel, transport and logistics

Mass transit providers, logistics and parcel service delivery companies, container terminals and airports typically face significant and similar challenges. They need to exploit their rail, road, and aviation assets to best effect. At the same time, they need to accommodate growth in demand, convert capex to opex, and improve the customer experience. And as if that were not enough, they need to manage digital transformation. This is only possible by combining and coordinating diverse modes of transportation – and by harnessing data from multiple sources.
T-Systems develops and operates end-to-end solutions for airports and container terminals, for public transportation providers, and for courier services and logistics players. Where required, T-Systems can provision and integrate all applications into existing IT environments. Customers can also enjoy these as cloud-based offerings, scalable in line with changing needs. This option is particularly attractive for data analytics – which generates considerable cost and effort when custom-developed, and operated on-premises. Across the world, T-Systems technology is successfully deployed in approximately 100 airports, logistics hubs, and public and private transportation organizations – helping to create seamless, efficient flows of goods and people.

Airport management

T-Systems solutions support the efficient management of more than 50 airports. For example, they enhance the passenger experience by keeping them up-to-speed with all events and developments – from the moment they book their flight through to take-off. All in all, these applications have already guided some 163 million travelers to their gates. Fraport, which operates Frankfurt Airport, already employs this technology to handle 60 million passengers annually. And T-Systems’ solutions portfolio helps to keep flights on time – supporting more than three million take-offs and landings every year.

Parcel and courier services

Deutsche Post DHL ships approximately three million parcels every day. Annually, it delivers 30 million items via its automated pick-up and drop-off (PUDO) points. And its employees are supported by a total of 50,000 mobile hand-held devices. T-Systems offerings – specifically, Dynamic Delivery Management and Recipient Interaction and Handheld Device Management – increase efficiency for the last mile. This means fewer unsuccessful delivery attempts and delays, cutting costs and increasing customer satisfaction. In addition, T-Systems manages Deutsche Post DHL’s nearly 3,000 PUDOs, and ensures 24/7 operation.

Public transportation

Every year, more than 300 million people make their way from A to B by means of mass transit managed with the help of cloud-based services. T-Systems technology enables seamless intermodal connections, maximum flexibility and low costs – made possible by a centrally hosted multi-tenant solution and end-to-end interoperability. This offering is also available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) package. In fact, T-Systems has already implemented the two largest smart ticketing systems in Europe. This technology greatly simplifies the ticket-buying process. For example, ÖBB, the Austrian railway corporation, leverages a multi-channel, multimodal solution to sell approximately 33 million tickets annually. In addition, railway companies can harness predictive analytics to anticipate component faults before these lead to unplanned downtime.


In Germany, some 13,000 freight cars equipped with track-and-trace devices convey more than 600,000 metric tons by rail (operated by Deusche Bahn) every day. T-Systems offers logistics service providers and freight forwarders SAP Transportation Management. This scalable, cloud-based solution streamlines and automates processes. With just a single application, users gain full control of both commercial activities, such as order processing, and transportation tasks – by means of track-and-track capabilities, for example. Moreover, using sensors that continuously capture data on the condition of individual components, businesses can perform predictive maintenance – and keep their assets up and running.