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IaaS: comprehensive multi-cloud security

Telekom Security offers protection for all resources, for the entire application life cycle, in all cloud stacks

Security for your cloud infrastructure

Prisma Cloud helps customers dynamically discover resources and comply with rule-based security policies – such as best practices and industry-specific compliance requirements – in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud services. 

Maintain an overview and adhere to security rules with IaaS

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With the proliferation of dynamic IaaS offerings in the public cloud, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to keep track of which and also how many resources are being used in cloud computing. Gartner analysts estimate that around 81 percent of companies already have two or more cloud service providers in use.

The success of new cloud solutions, such as container orchestration platforms and serverless functions, further exacerbates the situation for many companies, as this software is often developed and introduced unnoticed by the IT department using agile methods. Those responsible for IT security are then neither able to verify compliance with security policies and regulations, nor do they have the tools to protect cloud-native workloads from cyber threats. Without a central solution, it is difficult to ensure compliance with security policies and data protection requirements in these highly dynamic infrastructures.

Adaptive solution

Prisma Cloud by Telekom Security

Palo Alto Networks' Prisma Cloud helps customers dynamically discover what resources they need and comply with policy-based security policies – such as best practices and industry-specific compliance requirements – on IaaS platforms such as the Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. Based on machine learning, it correlates data and evaluates risks across the cloud environment. It therefore supports customers in implementing central security policies and data protection requirements in highly dynamic cloud services. 

The software finds risky configurations and identifies network threats, abnormal user behavior, malware, data loss, and host vulnerabilities in customer cloud applications. With Prisma Cloud, companies can secure every resource throughout the entire application lifecycle in all cloud technology stacks.


With its "Prisma Cloud by Telekom Security" product, Deutsche Telekom not only provides the corresponding licenses, but also offers customers the necessary support to make the transformation to a hybrid multi-cloud environment secure, from a support hotline and consulting services to managed cyber defense services.

The product "Prisma Cloud by Telekom Security" consists of these components:

  • Licenses and usage rights for the SaaS service from Palo Alto Networks
  • 1st level help desk support for customers / 2nd level support via Palo Alto Networks
  • Customer-specific advice (as an optional service)
  • Managed cyber defense services (as an optional service)
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The advantages at a glance:

  • Simplify compliance and governance in multi-cloud environments
    • Ensure governance and compliance in your IaaS environment by continuously monitoring all cloud resources for misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and other threats
  • Reduce operating outlay and increase productivity in the cloud
    • Gain clarity regarding the security situation in all of your clouds from a central location and reduce costs by consolidating your cloud security on a comprehensive platform.
  • The secure introduction of new cloud technologies increases the capacity for innovation
    • Increase the flexibility of your company and implement secure and agile DevOps processes. Use container image analysis and vulnerability scanning across the entire container lifecycle, from development to registrations to runtime.
  • Prevent cyber attacks and data outflow from the cloud
    • Prioritize alerts automatically, resolve critical security issues automatically, and ensure compliance with corporate standards.
  • Cloud security posture management and cloud workload protection in a single license
    • A comprehensive set of security features is available under a single license, which reduces the costs for multiple point security solutions

Security from the German security market leader T-Systems/Telekom Security in combination with the leading global provider of cyber security products, Palo Alto Networks

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